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Thread: Digital Content Time Bank

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    Digital Content Time Bank

    Everyone reading this is capable of creating digital media/content and most everyone has at least one skill allowing them to create it in some form or another be it photo manipulation to coding and publishing entire pieces of software. Many of us also have design ideas/aspirations in this realm as well, be it digital art commission's, indie game ideas, apps, etc. Since it's one of the only resources that is seemingly limitless on Earth, digital content should therefore be one of the first to be entirely produced and distributed for free. To achieve this however often requires some (socially ingrained) incentive or compensation so we can feel like we can fulfill our own interests while spending time helping others, which makes a time bank not only useful to drive projects forward it also works in the interests of the movement.

    I posted this here because I feel like this project would help expand the media project, given that all the content posted there is digital content and I feel there could be a wider array of media explored if the community has the tools. Let me know if you're interested in this project, to show I've thought about it I've put a few of the problems and answers to handle these issues below. Let me know what you think either by posting here, PM me or email me. Please add to the flaws list! Take care.

    Flaws (and possible answers):

    Quality - If you are wanting top notch production of any digital content you'll have a hard time getting it without paying full price. However many that would frequent the bank most likely would be willing to volunteer time and using the compensation of the bank they can also earn towards expanding their own projects.

    Creation and maintenance - I cannot build this, I don't have the skill to create this kind of system, but the great part is we can be the systems first members. Like all forms of currency, this one is flawed with the question of "worth". Which means those that use it will naturally put into question what they are getting for how much they are spending, thus creating issues that must be dealt with. There is a potential here to pay the community to deal with these cases and be the judge of who is being ripped of or not (a volunteer tribunal of sorts). Other maintenance could be handled the same way, using the systems own currency to encourage members to help upkeep and update the system's structure.

    Hording/excessive dept - A recent radio show brought up time banks (thanks Ryan) and brought to light this issue along with a very useful answer. A negative interest rate. I feel it should be applied to both owing amounts and earned amounts, this ensures the numbers game is never the driving factor of this tool. A low negative interest rate compounded over a decent amount of time ensures that people that are hording banked hours are driven to spend those hours (or possibly donate them in a kickstarter type setup) and people owing are not driven only by the stress of dept to pay back to the community. The negative interest combined with system's like the tribunal allow less skilled individuals to create and still pay back what they owe.

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    I am a graphics designer, video editor, WEB designer and music creator.
    My skills are yours and the forums.
    And of course, free...

    Please feel free to make any requests of me.
    I will place up some examples of my work.

    This is a music video I edited/made from other YouTube clips:

    The music I didn't make for that video...
    But I made the tune on this one:

    This is a good example of all my Digital work:

    I don't just do dark images... so please don't feel thats what I am limited to.


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    this is a great idea and its heart-breaking that this thread isn't filled with 50 replies of people excited about it. Count me as one of the excited. I would love to apply my song writing skills to a time bank setting. Perhaps, a more thorough explanation of what a time bank actually is for people who dont have experience with them.

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