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    Question on Permissions...

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm a writer from Central PA. By writer, I mean that I write fiction and poetry. Currently, I am working on a Scifi serial novel that is directly inspired by the train of thought presented by TZM. It wasn't that long ago that I discovered Zeitgeist: The Movie and its subsequent sequels. Up to that point I had always thought that there was something very wrong with society and the market, but I couldn't quite pin it down. Everything I'd reason was always shut down so flawlessly by others--mainly because I was as duped by the dominating paradigm and traditions. And then I watched the trilogy. By watch, I mean binge-watched!

    It was like the floodgates opened up and I finally and truly understood what it was that had eluded me for so long. Right now I'm reading my way through the TZM Defined essays.

    Anyway... bottom line... I want to help promote TZM, but don't have a local chapter. I'm terrible at organizing people and public speaking, so I brainstormed for a little and decided I'd write a novel about people coming into understanding, how they learn what's wrong with the world, and the choices they make with that knowledge in hand. Think of it as a semi-Atlas Shrugged meets TZM's train of thought.

    So I was wondering... I'd like to use the TZM logo and list links to the website. I'm publishing each chapter online, but have also been thinking of self-publishing each chapter as a magazine-like deal. The idea is that online/print copies would be distributed for free--I'm seeking no monetary gain from doing this in order to preserve the integrity of TZM and what I want the novel to represent. In the print edition, I was wondering if I would be able to include the essays from TZM Defined as bonus material.

    Do I have to seek special permissions to do so?

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    Where would you display your thoughs: either through books or online? Also, I a new member of the TZM and have only jad seek peaks of the sites. I read all most of the policies so I know the reasons and not to troll others.
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