What is this project? SA is a remake of zeitgeist moving forward - currently I've completed about 81.7% of the original (Just after Project Earth). It will include additional scenes to add to the arguments, updated articles etc.

Unfortunately I took a copyright strike on the SA youtube account recently, what I uploaded was already on youtube on a random account but oh well, the video length limit lifts in late September.

So as a precaution, I've made another SA youtube account to upload all of SA in parts that I've done so far to test what I might need to alter enough to make "original".

This project was sparked after a TZM activist I knew of told me he couldn't use moving forward due to copyright - basically he was accepting money yet only to further produce more activism DVDs.

But with all the bullshit arguments within TZM as of late, I believe this is might be a good opportunity to refocus.

As a gesture at the end of SA - it'll say something along the lines of "Want to support an Open Source Society? Please upload this documentary to your own youtube channel".

This is the goal people, in terms of social values, it's very simple to understand that trading is corrupt,

Two parties both attempting to use deception to get the better end of the deal, so we need an open source society instead. Especially now considering society will not be able to operate with technology replacing jobs, so people are unable to get money to then buy goods and services, what the current economy is based on, with all the other declines and failures of the market, not recognising how human behaviour works, how business disregards nature, I'm rambling.

If you'd like to support this project, when I get the first copy uploaded please download it and upload it to your own channel.

Further help would be completely disregarding my SA youtube account and helping me get another one with the video length extended if I'm shutdown - but it should be all good in September, nothing else will be submitted to that account after that to ensure it stays up - youtube is such a bastard.