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Thread: a short and clear presentation of TZM ?

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    a short and clear presentation of TZM ?

    I am looking for a clear and short - maybe 15 or 20 minutes - presentation of the ideas of the movement. I am looking for something visually entertaining, so no lecture with one guy in the center of the screen. I need this for some people who have a short attention span. Thanks! (I didn't know where to post this so move if needed).

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    Maybe this could be used: An Intro. to a Resource-Based Economy [ TEDx - Peter Joseph ]
    Or this: TEDxOjai - Peter Joseph - The Big Question

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    This is about as close to specs as can be made. Nothing much really exists in the 20 minute time frame. This is not specifically TZM created but it does hit on most of the points. Unfortunately it is 2 hours longs, I found it engaging and more visually accessible than the TZM lecture form. TZM has used this in facebook site shares in the past. Potentially it can be edited to shorten its length, but that is beyond my capability.

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    Hi there! Here is a page that lists a number of short video clips that try to explain and introduce TZM: Learn with videos | Z-Day 2015 in Berlin I highly recommend both "EarthTrek" clips (TZM explained through StarTrek)
    Another video that explains very well what it's all about:

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