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Thread: Urgent: Social atmosphere project facebook censorship.

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    Urgent: Social atmosphere project facebook censorship.

    Basically I keep getting kicked from FB or fascist book, it's their own "private party", of course I need to get back on somehow just waiting through their policing shitstorm of deleting accounts which aren't "real". But at a minimum what I'd like is more zeitgeisty admins to help this project.

    right now my page has 4 admins.

    it's 68% done
    social atmosphere is a remake of zeitgeist moving forward I'm still working on.

    also this youtube account needs the 15min limit extended so I can upload the final product.

    Then someone can potentially submit the whole thing to FB video too.

    FB clearly doesn't care about the quality of the content being submitted, they care about business utilities, "identity" to gain info about you for advertising basically it seems.

    4 admins.

    sam vallely

    (chapter coordinator)
    Michael Kubler

    mason lee

    and steve saylor

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    They shut me out of mine. Brian RhythmAnarchy, was no longer excepted by the marketing algo's. It immediately excepted my back-up name change. Search fb, Justin Case.
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    I was kicked out of FB too, they asked for ID number given to me by local government and my picture. I finger out that identification is in order to control and if you can't control then you don't own me. FB is not the only one possible social media. Fight back is not solution, it drains your productive energy in to meaningless fight and that way you are neutralized.

    We need to be more flexible and adapt new strategies to the changing situation.

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