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Thread: A storm of ideas: shirt texts

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    Talking A storm of ideas: shirt texts

    I haven't found a thread with texts for shirts. Please leave a reply if there is one. Some of these may work well with the movement's logo, others may not.

    A shirt text is sometimes a fine conversation starter. Even if none of these end up in real shirts, leaving stuff on this thread can be fun for the people here

    Shirt #1:

    Find strengths to combine...

    ...rather than weaknesses to
    pit against one another.

    Shirt #2:

    Have you made a law that will build you a house?

    Shirt #3:

    Front (Text centered):
    What would you do if
    you didn't need to worry about...

    Shirt #4:

    I am wrong, you are right.

    Shirt #5:

    Abundance wins.
    Clawless victory.

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    Shirt #6:

    Front: Mind Your Wants

    Back: Cuz Someone Wants Your Mind

    Shirt #6.01:

    Front: The Path We Must Choose

    Back: Is The One We Refuse

    Shirt #6.01.1

    Front: May as Well
    Pay Attention

    Back: Cuz ya Can't Afford
    Free Speech
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    Everything Is Possible. Nothing Is True.
    (ψ = Σanψn)
    What do you know when the time is up and the door to the box is opened?
    It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness.

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    Shirt #7:

    Front: Sad slave

    Back: Happy slave

    Shirt #8:

    Back: How much money can a bank print out
    before reaching its maximum limit?

    Shirt #9:

    Back: One of the most frustrating aspects
    of the current culture is having to
    justify your right to live.

    Shirt #10:


    -He became a murderer.
    -He must have been too well off to care.

    Shirt #11:

    Remember that story about teaching a man to fish?
    What if you taught an automation engineer to fish?


    Shirt #12:

    There are motives
    for some people to not understand
    what is happening to them, around them
    or far away from them.

    Shirt #13:

    More power to the ones who give me
    the opportunity to learn something useful.

    Shirt #14:

    Somewhere out there
    in the vast nothingness of Space
    is a species of monkeys
    fighting over wealth tokens
    in a concrete jungle.

    Shirt #15:

    A human will hug you back
    if you hug that human.

    Cold science?

    Shirt #16:

    I know someone whose labor can be
    replaced with mechanization.
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    shirt #17 peace is state of mind

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