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    Lightbulb Music therapy

    Holistic Literature

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    Specially trained health care professionals use music therapy to promote healing and enhance quality of life for their patients. Music therapy

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    Something I often avoid because of it's typical manipulative use and my predisposition to addiction and reliance. I do use it from time to time. I do believe the TZM heavily relied on the used of sustained bio feed back / binaural tones throughout all the docos. Defiantly pros & cons. (I found it helped me to keep focused for a much longer time [although did wonder on subliminals] Whilst I avoid main stream forms of music media, I do open myself up to subtle levels (to accompany) with the focus more an natural/nature ambiance.

    I admit as someone classified and pensioned off with mental illness, that I could do more with music therapy to lift and sustain a positive mood and become somewhat more productive. No doubt what many term as my weaknesses (including myself) would become more my strengths. I wish my wife would stop turning on that damn TV. That would be an excellent start for most us. As for radio ... that is like poison to me.
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