Hello Everyone!

This is my first post so hopefully what I write is some kind of useful here. I've been noticing a lot of posts being deleted and/or censored by youtube or w/e is the cause of it.

Anyway I wanted to create this thread for those of us who see great informative posts, didn't book mark it or save it, and only later on remember this great video but then cause of the title or w/e are not able to find it. I'm sure their are other people outside of the media project group have this problem too. I also feel like during my presentations it would be nice to show people who ask a very important question a video which answers simply their question. Also people who wish to do their own projects with the great bank of knowledge we have here on the forums this might be useful as a searching tool.

So if anyone has had this experience please use this thread as a searching tool.

I have one example to start with;

There was a post a while back about a rich man who owns a large mansion. He bought a new security system to protect himself from robbers. This wonderful piece of technology had equiped and loaded guns inside his door with an automatic switch. And he set it up so that if someone tries to break into the door while he is not home the guns will fire. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or remember this video?

Please post here! Thanks!