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Thread: Fan Census--Trek Initiative Wiki

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    Smile Fan Census--Trek Initiative Wiki

    This is somewhat similar to the “Why I Advocate”. I'm not sure where to post this.

    Fan Census - Trek Initiative Wiki

    My idea is for people from The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project to post videos saying something to the effect of you like STAR TREK because there is no money in the 23rd & 24th Centuries. Say stuff like your fondest memory is Gene Roddenberry said around '92 or so there was no money in the STAR TREK universe.

    Or a quote like:

    “The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.”

    Captain Picard in Star Trek: First Contact

    I don't want the videos to sound like a plug for The Zeitgeist Movement or The Venus Project. Basically say your fondest STAR TREK memory is there is no money in the STAR TREK universe. Say you like STAR TREK because there is no money in the STAR TREK universe. Say the future of STAR TREK will happen if the monetary system is replaced with a moneyless system such as a Natural Law Resource Based Economy or a Resource Based Economy.

    STAR TREK is mainstream. People know who Captain Picard is.

    From the website:

    Standup, be counted and record your Fan Census video!
    Help us represent all of Star Trek's fandom by participating in the world's only STAR TREK CENSUS – your first opportunity to take part in our Warp 5.0 celebration. And while you're sending in your videos from home, we'll be recording Star Trek stories from attendees at live events across the globe.
    It's easy, just look directly into your camera (no need to get fancy – a simple webcam will do) and state your name, where you're from (city & state –or– city & country), why you're a Trek fan, and your favorite Trek memory.
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    They finally posted my submission!!! Yatta!

    Look for "Ultra Woman"!!!
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