What are Zeitgeist Townhall Meetings?

The Zeitgeist Movement's Townhall Meetings are live, public events conducted by Official Regional Chapters. These localized events are similar in function to our annual global "Zeitgeist Day" [ZDAY] events but ideally occur monthly, rather than annually. Modeled after patterns proven effective by civil right's movements historically, the goal is to inform the public of TZM's understandings and goals and hence grow awareness and membership.

While annual events such as "ZDAY" and TZM Media Festival are critical annual Chapter events for public awareness in a large scale context, these local, smaller monthly events serve to provide a more grassroots, personal engagement, working to create regional momentum and continued interest. As denoted in TZM materials, the power of our work is only as good as the techniques we utilize to inform others of our observations and intents. While internet based activism is indeed powerful, live human interaction is critical to Chapter development and hence the goal of global critical mass. This also opens the door for more press coverage as well, which is important.

Ideally, these events should be synchronized globally. As a general suggestion, the 3rd weekend of each month is the current period. As this process develops, a dynamic Global Map will posted on this website to show all monthly events.

Check this link for a toolkit and guidelines in hosting a townhall in your area: