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Thread: Want to be on the Zeitgeist Lecture Team?

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    Want to be on the Zeitgeist Lecture Team?

    The Zeitgeist Movement is always on the look out for skilled public speakers to convey the information we cover. If you're interested in being considered, please email samples or video of your presentation to: with the subject line "Lecture Team- Sample of Work"

    Here's one of our favorite TZM speakers on the soon to be formed lecture team, Ben McLeish:

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    I have emailed my sample am keen to get on board!

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    I have been considering attempting to speak to churches about the Resource Based Economy. I've felt that Technological Unemployment is the strongest argument for RBE, given its inevitable consequences. The Fiat Monetary system our society is currently using is also strong, but I think that it may be harder for some people to understand. Many people can under stand (and have already begun to see) the idea of machines taking jobs from human beings. As automation expands, peoples' jobs will be threatened more and more. RBE is the only viable alternative I can even think of that can not only accomadate this trend, but also to be able to embrace it.

    I believe churches are a good place to do this, partly because you have a 'ready-made' audience. Also, because I believe that RBE follows the ideals of early Christianity as described in the book of Acts. They are described as 'sharing all things in common', everyone helping each other and looking out for each other. I believe it is a serious mistake on the part of some to 'attack' religious people, as I think they could potentially be a great ally in the quest for a RBE. Essentially, I think it would be helpful to attempt to utilize existing organizations, religious or otherwise.

    I hadn't considered speaking to groups as a team, mainly because I don't know of anyone else around that would be willing to do it, or even try. I've never done it before, but I can't help but think something needs to be done. Honestly, I have no idea if anyone would even listen; they might not. I don't know if any churces would even be willing to let me speak to them. I figure it doesn't hurt to ask, and all they can do is say 'no'. I have been thinking about doing it on my own, as a private individual, but if there is a better way to go about it, I guess I'm open to it. I was thinking of trying to start with the various local churches and then just venturing further out as possible.

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