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Thread: Reduce "Compulsory education" in order to create a finished school system

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    Reduce "Compulsory education" in order to create a perfect school system

    I watch myself n all d "privileges" i have as a western world citizen n become glad over d ppl in 3rd world countries who doesnt need to go to school pay taxes or do military service (among other things) while im stuck here obligated to fill in my taxreturns caring whether or not getting arrested 4 doin drugs or(this has happened multiple times) getting put in psych wards w/ torturing medicine n incarceration 4 walking around naked in public

    Soon to b 12 years of mandatory school education will b puched in d area im in n 4 what cause n 4 what reason, well we all know dat d goverment wants 2 enslave us n make us totaly dependent upon d state w/ a reduction of life on dis planet.
    As much as i hate school n to a hi rate mostly reject d very idea of learing in a constituional way, i honestly dont got anything agenst ppl who do wanna assambly in groups n study but in d same way u shoud b acceptin my presence n don force upon my kids or my life dat im getting to lose the care 4 my children just bc dey didnt fill in d prime numbers equations or didnt write "they" instead of "dey" in d english class

    Im not blaming anybody here im just concernd about d present system we got n i dearli wanna change it. N i just don wanna let d fundamentual cause of living b but aside as d "TownHalls" n "Redesign Ististutes" raises but to have d flavour of self-explications when we open d oven n all share a piece of d cake
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