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Thread: Not just Resource based Economy, Sharing based society

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    Not just Resource based Economy, Sharing based society

    I would like the whole world to understand a few simple concepts. 1 Capitalism is Competition/fighting for resources. It is the opposite of sharing. This cutthroat system is THE cause of most human suffering, death, and environmental destruction. We cannot ever have a society of cooperation, trust, and sharing, within a money based system, because money = competition/fighting.

    2. We CAN fix this. If all of humanity agrees simultaneosly to stop using money, and instead of competing, start sharing, the world will begin to heal very quickly. We must become the majority, then we can flip the switch.

    3. The key is outreach. Every problem that people form organizations and protest are only possible because of money. Example, The Sierra Club wants to protect wildlife and their habitats. Their interests would be much easier to balance if all the paperwork generated by tracking the ownership and exchange of money was no longer necessary, when we start sharing.
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    I'm glad you point out Number 3. We got Organization after Organization today attacking different issues by trying to raise as much Money as they can thinking this will solve the issue but at the same time the Problem arising in the first place because the other side is trying to make as much Money as they can completely missing this Irony in Capitalism.
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    Yes on point 3, as well. A truly "free" market would facilitate differing voluntary resource management models to exist side by side without any one model requiring the default participation of those unwilling to do so based on a trend and without one model stepping on the toes of another.
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