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Thread: How to explain "systems theory" to people who have a localized view

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    How to explain "systems theory" to people who have a localized view

    It seems as though many people I talk to do not understand a systems view compared to a localized view.

    How do I explain this to people?

    For instance, one of my friends is convinced that if people like me and her were in Congress - everything would work just fine. I try to explain why this doesn't work, but I don't seem to get through to people. People are still not understanding that it's not the politicians, its the system that produces them and perpetuates their behavior.

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    Open System Theory: A Summary

    My favorite, hope it helps...

    edit: its a political system.. Everything is a system and part of a subsystem at the same time. you and I are a system and part of other systems..If you express the word system after most anything, in applies, in my view.

    The planet is a system, reverse above so below.
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