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    Questions and Answers

    Thinking of starting a thread where usual and unusual questions comes up and answering them in a good and understandable way for the crowd or in discussions. This is important to strengthen the validity to a public which is new to the train of thought and not quite fully have any close anchor points in arguments brought up by the lecture itself.


    "Questions relating to sourcing root problem or root cause."
    Many people have problem understanding and identifying the train of thought used to find the root cause since they are not used to backtrack all the way. What I bring up is modern medicine which use the "finding root cause" system and most people in the western world at least use the appropriated train of thought in these circumstances. Anecdotal way of telling this is like this: Imagine a close person to you (friend,family,spouse) going to the doctor because they are feeling ill. In this case scenario the person unknowingly have leucemia which cause tiredness, fever, etc etc. explaining the symtoms to the doctor he gives your close (whatever) an aspirin and says off u go, this will solve your symptoms. Would you be happy with the doctor or do you expect them to investigate and find the root cause and start a proper treatment? Most people would prefer them to find the root cause of what cause the illness. This train of thought is exactly what TZM applied and scales out to other problems in society. As explained before a scientific method as used in modern medicine.

    "Questions relating NLRBE as a prefered medium of resource allocation"
    It is important to point out that TZM does not hate money or had any moral values or believes regarding money. It is just that applying the scientific model of investigation to societal issues and problems today TZM, with other organizations involved in this work ARRIVED at an RBE conclusion. It was NOT agenda driven research.

    Please give more suggestions and refine and update old answers with new and incorporate new findings of information into answers of most common broad questions asked after lectures, think tank groups or discussions.

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    Hi Gnu, I posted this question on another thread before I found this one, and maybe you can answer. I need a definition of Differential Advantage and explanation for why it is not desirable. I can't find any definition that isn't orientated to business and its promotion as a good thing. Thanks.

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