Hows it going guys. Im new here to the forum and was wondering if anyone would be helpful enough to explain to me how it works. Seems like there are a lot of interesting things being discussed on the forum. A little help on which forums to check out and participate in would be cool. Its been over a year now that i have went about TZM in my own way. I started a twitter account under the name @Corporatocracys trying to expose much of the problems this world faces. Ive watched a lot of documentaries and came to conclusions on actions that need and should be taken. You can check out my twitter to see some of the stuff ive been writing about so far their are only 3 followers. Its not easy getting twitter famous but feel free to check it out and take a read. You can PM for any questions about some ideas i have or even let me know which forums to check out so i can post them for everyone to see.

Thanks - Bugsy