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Thread: How I Live

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    Lightbulb How I Live

    I've just heard about this movement and I must say 'This is much like me'. Currently I have no credit account for anything, no drivers license, and no bank account (accept for a retirement account set-up by a past employer). I do not vote for millionaires, I want to see a government of the people, and that means a 'middle-class' government. There is no smart phone in my future, as they allow the recording of ones social and economic life. Privacy is hard to maintain in this 'video taped world' of ours.

    We are all in the right place at TMZ.
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    Let me personally say welcome and thank you for joining our plight. I hope your journey to align with nature be as pleasant as possible given our tumultuous circumstances on this globe...

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    I'll second that welcome, good to have you here. If you don't mind saying, how did you hear about the Zeitgeist Movement?
    We're all in this together by ourselves. - Lily Tomlin

    "I can't put these ideas back in the box." -Jen Wilding

    Behold the turtle, who only makes progress when he sticks his neck out. -A. Terrapin

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    Welcome. Glad to see your perspective on things.

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