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Thread: Ratiocracy - closely related project for cooperation?

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    Ratiocracy - closely related project for cooperation?

    Hello everyone!

    I just released a prototype of a problem solving project called Ratiocracy, meant for promoting human rights and all kings of good ideas through the scientific method. Please have a look and let me know about your thoughts and questions! Home | Ratiocracy

    I also just saw that you're actually working on something quite similar. I would be happy to participate in GRI with my ideas, of which this website is an example. I hope the cooperation could possibly work the other way around too, but I don't want to compete. Instead I just want to help these ideas grow in any way possible. Thank you!

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    Greetings "Ratiocracy". Thank you for posting here and I have gone to your link and registered in your site. It looks, so far, like just the kind of effort for "Zeitgeist" that is needed by Humanity. I plan to contribute further to "Ratiocracy", as well as other well intended efforts of the "Zeitgeist Movement".

    My regards to Finland. Dan 1

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    I like the idea, and I would like to see more people working on ideas like this. When looking through it, though, there's one thing that stands out to me. It's very categorical. However, the natural world, with it's problems and solutions, are not categorical in nature, but holistic. They're interconnected and overlapping. Categorical classifications seem to imply separation between topics, where in reality there is no true separation. A holistic approach would be preferred in my opinion, where overlapping solutions compound their effects on reducing multiple related problems.

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