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Thread: Small thoughts on big problems.

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    Post Small thoughts on big problems.

    To make a difference effectively, my guess is the public needs to be convinced by non radical but logical ideas involving everyday small things to start with. Deprivatization of the most basic needs, like road grid, energy and water supply are necessary. If people can see that work properly and their bill reduced at the same time, perhaps bigger ideas can be accomplished. In my opinion all changes will have to be implemented to the existing system by reversing in small steps in same order things got derailed. Maybe it would be a good idea to start with the taxing system. Maybe funds should be tagged in conduct with the use of purpose. Why not forbid money taxed thru cars and vehicles being spent on other things than traffic related things. Same thing with money billed for other basic needs like water and power grids. In my opinion basic needs should not pay for anything else.
    Why are banks all private institutions? Why is the government not allowed to compete on any market. My guess is anything that has a public ownership is not welcome. Maybe this needs reprioritization, because I think there should be public owned institutions and companies in all areas on the market. If someone likes to compete, thatís fine. There is nothing wrong with competition (I think healthy competition is a fair competition and to allow public institutions to compete is only fair not the other way around). I think though private banks run like casinos should be kept entirely out of the publicís way. Since money can be just printed with "press enter", it shouldnít be a problem to operate state funds for public needs, like for real estate finances. Basically, I see no reason for fundamental organizations being privately owned. Best way to start a better agenda, and spear the public from financial vortex is perhaps to separate Wallstreet entirely from the public basic consumptions circle. I am not saying Wallstreet needs to be exterminated altogether, I am saying gamblers should be someplace else, and gamblers should not have any access to the public without a special permission.

    I have a problem with private information about me being stolen and collected by companies and the state. Then either not used or used against me.
    I donít like the idea, being forced to negotiate with high profit companies for my basic needs.
    I donít want to borrow from a bank listed on Wallstreet.
    I donít want to use roads owned by companies on Wallstreet.
    I donít want to buy energy from a company listed on Wallstreet. Why? Because I think Wallstreet and the monetary system is specially designed to make a fool out of me. If I feel lucky or foolish, I can always go there myself.
    I think where the need arises; state institutions should be used to protect the public from sharks and gamblers.
    To allow pirates in peopleís everyday life, is a great injustice to me. Money people can keep their fxxxxxx money someplace else.
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    All off the above would be a good idea but none off it will ever happen my friend..Unfortunately there is couple off fundamental flaws in the zeitgeist philosophy as much as a love the idea it can never exist..human academic intelligence would never allow it..which off course is unfortunate..only the destructive power off nature can put us on this path off freedom now..and only then can we stand side by side as equals and find are humanity to feed and help each other as one ..i guess its comforting to find a group off people that share the same toughts on humanity and governing systems that are an injustice to are intelligence and are humanity..i do apologise for the bad academic im not..a my man nature and spirit i am

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    Thank you nuggat. For taking the time and energy to build and share this post. I agree with most of it. The problems were manifested in small increments, over a long period of time and I think it is logical and sensible to think that the solutions to the problems would also be that way.

    Though it might happen, that a critical mass might be reached, where the solutions to the problems might be faster than the development of the problems themselves.

    Have you made any progress with these "Small Thoughts On Big Problems Ideas"?
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