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Thread: The General Problem and Methods of Psychological Ecology

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    The General Problem and Methods of Psychological Ecology




    Anyone take this class, should i take a look?

    It is different in other- sciences. Geologists, biologists, chemists, and
    physicists know in considerable detail about the distribution in nature of the
    materials and processes with which they deal. Chemists know something
    about the laws governing the interaction of oxygen and hydrogen, and they
    also know how these elements are distributed in nature. Entomologists
    know the biological vectors of malaria, and they also know about the occur-
    rence of these vectors over the earth. In contrast, psychologists know little
    more than laymen about the frequency and degree of occurrence of their
    basic phenomena in the lives of men of deprivation, of hostility, of freedom,
    of friendliness, of social pressure, of rewards and punishments. Although
    we have daily records of the behavior of volcanoes, of the tides, of sun spots,
    and of rats and monkeys, there have been few scientific records of how a
    human mother cared for her young, how a particular teacher behaved in the
    classroom and how the children responded, what a family actually did and
    said during a mealtime, or how any boy lived his life from the time he awoke
    in the morning until he went to sleep at night. Because we lack such records,
    we can only speculate on many important questions like these:

    What changes have occurred over the generations in the way children
    are reared and in the way they behave?

    How does life differ for children in large and small families?

    How frequently is success achieved in everyday life and what are its
    consequences for subsequent behavior?

    How, in psychological terms, does life differ for rural, town, and
    urban families?

    Are American children disciplined differently from English and French
    children? If so, does this affect the national character of Americans,
    Englishmen, and Frenchmen?

    Before we can answer these kinds of questions about behavior and the
    development of personality and character, we must know more than the laws
    of behavior. We must know how the relevant psychological conditions are
    distributed among men.

    Moreover, the lack of field data limits the discovery of some of the laws of
    behavior. It is often impossible to create in the laboratory the frequency,

    Field Data? Just call the NSA they should be able to turn on everyone's cell, smart phone, lap top, ipad and the rest of the cameras, feed it into their algoRhythm and ... voilą

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