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Thread: RBE Simulation project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Napalm View Post
    Yes I have looked into it and it seems like TVP is doing a very similar project to what I proposed in this topic here. So I can better use my skills in some other project.

    @Thaidaree With the above saying. This project is not going to happen. I do appreciate your enthousiasm and I hope you can participate in another project.
    TVP is doing it behind closed doors and we cannot be certain they will ever release it! It is very important to make things open-source so even TVP could take some of your code and use it. This is not a waste of time if you believe you can make something valuable.

    Please look at my proposal.
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    I like proposals, there are many of them. I like yours too. To simulate a global RBE is a large project, although, much of the code would only need a refinement or three. Just locate the existing resources and copy and paste to the "Simulation" economic data points of the Resource Based Economic Hypothesis.

    It's gonna take the resources of a large, Global Group Mind, for this project. I'm in, that makes two..
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    Does someone have knowledge in Unity 3d? I recently came to learn it and it and It seems perfect for this project. I know I said it's not going to happen but maybe if enought people think it is usefull I might just take another look into it.

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