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Thread: Peter Joseph on "Young Turks"

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    Peter Joseph on "Young Turks"

    Peter Joseph:

    "I did a full hour interview with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks on Wednesday 3/6/13 regarding The Zeitgeist movement. He was great in discussion even though naturally there was disagreement - so let's see how it turns out when they go live with it. Thanks to TYTs and Cenk for being open minded and allowing the interaction"

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    04:38 - I'm not saying that the market wasn't great a long time ago
    That's a judgement and there's not much space here for (scientific) discussion but I don't' share that feeling. I don't like people competing with each other regardless of the time.

    37:49 - where anything you say about how things should be or someone should behave - everyone hates that
    Because that's a controlling attitude. It results in either submission or rebellion. I recommend asking instead of creating an imperative.

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