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Thread: "The Point" talks about The Zeitgeist Movement, Jan 5th 2013

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    Incorrect. Racist and supremacist thoughts where around long before capitalist competition. Indeed, national cooperation for the goodness of the Nation is one of the tenents of national-socialism.
    I'm talking about competition in general. When you struggle for domination you invent ideas that will help you on the way.

    Pseudo-spiritual babble. What does that even mean concretely?
    We're built from the same elements, genetic code is very similar, we have the same needs, we require each other for survival, we influence each other.

    BTW, how "pseudo-spiritual" differ from just "spiritual"?

    What is the political potential of such a belief?
    No idea as I don't care about politics.
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    - Certainly, but it is one thing to say that competition makes matters worse and affects the way people think, a different thing to say that it causes racism or whatever. There's a difference between identifying a dialectical relationship and asserting a causal relationship.

    - That indeed explains what you mean more concretely. By "pseudo"-spritual I mean something that is vague; that sounds nice but which carries no real philosophical meaning. You've now, by being more specific, shown that you're actually saying something that carries meaning.

    - But you do, that is why you are here. You don't care about politics in the traditional sense; parties and voting and such. But you do care about politics in the classical sense; how people interact with each-other, and deal with public issues, forms associations, etc. By "political potential" I mean "potential to motivate or inspire us to get together and act for real change". I think you'd agree that the potential of an idea to do that is important.

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