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Thread: Announcing: Zeitgeist Ambassador

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    Announcing: Zeitgeist Ambassador

    Spreading the word around, press release here:
    Zeitgeist Movement Advocate to World Boldly: "It Makes Sense." -

    Sincerely & Regards
    David Wayne
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    Yes people.

    I'm glad that this was posted. I absolutely love the references and the article itself isn't biased.
    We should do this type of thing where we post posters, write in bathroom stalls, paint our vehicles, stand on the fucking corner with a sign, and do every possible angle to promote the ideas of Zeitgeist/Venus/RBE.

    People are generally blind and dismissive of things out of their comfort zone. But say for example, you go to the see an odd piece of paper outside the building....then you must use the restroom...another thing proclaiming, how about on your way out you see a small group with arrive at home and there reads a paper that you found in your mailbox..."zeitgeist:addendum"

    After all this I'm pretty sure most people would at least be curious to this new phenomenon.

    It is up to us.
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    I agree, there is a lot of things we can do to promote the idea's presented by such narratives.

    Everyone needs to do there part.

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