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Thread: Popular media news w social commentary - TYT style. Zeitgeist movement idea

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    Popular media news w social commentary - TYT style. Zeitgeist movement idea

    Hi guys, just joined the forum to share an Idea I have.

    The Young Turks are doing a successful job covering temporarily popular news. They get millions of views and have hundreds of thousands of subscribers commenting events from their political perspective and giving their views. While I like watching and respect them, they are not really focusing on the true causes of problems and instead feed people left-right paradigm. I really think we are the perfect social movement do a show similar like this that if successful could really help society.

    What do you think? It would be a great way to attract attention (which we obviously need) and at the same time educate people.

    ps. If someone already came up with this idea I apologize.
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    There should be a rooted coverage of the world to provide the perspective of the zeitgeist movement through the venus project's agenda as a discussion.

    I'd be happy to such a concept become realized.

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    try Rap News and be happy

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