In this presentation Peter discusses how the Market Economy has not only evolved/simplified into its most core function of blind gain and hence the arbitrary trading of the "widget", using the Stock Market / Financialization as a point of focus, he also explains how any social progress that has occurred has happened "by proxy" - or incidental to the market game.

He describes what all Free-Market proponents ignore: the true, measurable system consequences which are suffocating humanity - with Capitalism now the "leading cause of death" on Earth today.

He also explains how an "ethically" respected, "pure" free market (even if it was possible - which it is not, as argued) would generate constant deprivation/"ethical" imbalance - due to the pressure-building "externalities" that the Market cannot solve due to its foundational mechanisms.

Also, the idea of "Crony-Capitalism" vs. "Free Market Capitalism" is proven to be a "Continuum Fallacy" and a delusion via moral relativism.

He finishes with two proposals for future TZM projects to help transition.