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Thread: NLRBE Rewards and Benefits

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    NLRBE Rewards and Benefits

    I think a lot of people are enticed by the idea of having their work-week dramatically shortened but have a hard time believing it. I know mechanization and automation can are perfect examples to lead with but maybe you could discuss how removing the market mechanism would enable us to bypass a lot of unnecessary work. I just feel like people need to understand the reason they have to work so much.

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    Automation is what will handle what might be considered unnecessary work by human hands. The arts and entertainment, which require human creativity, will still be very much in play. The design aspect of technology, research and development will still very much be in play. The relationship aspect of human existence will still be in play. Once the money mechanism is removed we will just kind of naturally go into one of these three, working with passion and purpose as opposed to working to just get by. The only mental block will simply be an attachment to the idea of money because it has been so ingrained in our species consciousness.
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