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Thread: Peter Joseph TZM Podcast for Feb 18th 2015 - Q & A

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    Hi Pete, can you give us a quick update on how things are going with the Interreflections movie? Thanks

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    Hi. I want talk about some ideas for the possible future of this Movement. The Train Of Thought needed to understand an NLRBE direction has spread around the World over the years and Many people have come to realize that this direction is now Achievable & Required to restore our way of life in harmony with our Planet. But then we have the Problem of the Apathetic Robots in our societies who are "Happy" to just wake up every morning and see everything the same and business as usual. Can We ever Expect them to Fully understand the magnitude of our Problems due to their Background, Indoctrination, Biases?? I personally feel that this might be an Impossible task to hope for under such an Irrational/Illogical evironment we currently live in.

    With that being said, shouldn't our Focus Now be more towards those Struggling, Suffering, Socially Conscious people seeking change and also towards Immigrants, Minorities, Women and the Low-Income Poor. And to work Closer with other Activist/Organizations who have Similar Goals to ours like for example the ONE COMMUNITY GLOBAL group. And finally I think a Great idea would be to try and start a One Worldwide Activist Movement under One Umbrella that comes together and adresses all the Worlds Major Issues so we can share ideas, trains of thought, solutions, root causes, similarities, future goals etc. etc.

    In this way maybe More people can Recognize that the problems they are fighting against are Naturally the same as ours and that we focus More on Holistic Changes rather than specific issues in society. They can understand that if they want to see True Logical changes for their issues, then they should Collaborate with us and Others under One Universal Movement in Agreement towards Fundamental Change. Every issue addressed, every issue tackled, everyone Benifits. Thanks for your time.

    In Solidarity!
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    Hi Peter, or whoever reads this and would like to reply! (I'm hoping this question might be answered the next time Peter does a Q&A radio show as I missed the most recent one)

    My question is:
    Could we use a system similar to direct democracy systems to make decisions in the movement, just as a tool for better communication and accumulation (and possible implementation) of ideas? I understand that TZM is a leaderless movement but there are decisions that need to be decided on, on the "official TZM" level, things that cannot really be answered by members through the scientific method at this time. This approach could expedite things and prevent egocentric leadership in the movement. Thank you for your time and consideration

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