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Forum Purpose:
To facilitate development of TZM's Projects & General Educational Work.

The Zeitgeist Movement's Global Forum is not an "Open-Forum" for anyone to come and participate without prior material understanding or a supportive intent. The purpose of this Forum is to facilitate a positive, productive, unified medium for supporters of TZM to interact and progress ideas and projects in a supportive and safe community environment. It is a meeting place for those who support TZM and are active in our Educational Projects, such as Chapters, Projects and Teams. This is why the Forum's layout actually mirrors our Project/Team/Chapter Structure directly. More:

This website is an auxiliary service provided by TZM and will undergo virtually no maintenance or personal Admin interaction with Users.
Our Forum Admin team only does one thing:
Respond to reports/issues about Conduct Issues/Abuse.
Anyone perceived as misusing this Forum (Advertising, Spam, Trolling, etc) will be removed with their IP Blocked. No warnings will be given and there is no recourse if a person is banned. These reactions are solely at the discretion of the Admins and by signing up and using this forum you agree to this understanding. It is up to the User to maintain general decency and respect if they wish to participate on this Forum.

The Zeitgeist Movement is an Educational Movement that uses the model of prior Non-Violent Civil Rights Movements as the structure for communication and activism. Any Posts relating to or alluding to any form of Violence and/or Aggression towards any person or group will be removed and the User Banned.
Respectful communication is the core requirement in this Forum. To disagree with each other and/or certain aspects of TZM in general, supported with respectfully presented arguments is welcome. This is not to discourage skepticism and questioning - that is invited and needed. Rather, it is to make sure Users are able to communicate in a safe, respectful and comfortable manner with others. If you are unable to control yourself from calling people "idiots" or the like, this forum is not for you.

Repeat Trolling and Sock Puppet Accounts:
Due to the historical pattern in prior Forums where Users with malicious intent use anonymous/open proxies to circumvent bans and other measures that restrict Forum access, we have no choice but to disallow any access via proxy or open servers. We understand this will cause problems for a minority of users in foreign countries and with some ISPs. However, again, due to the limited moderation capacity of this forum and the unfortunate phenomenon of such "Trolling" which has become quite common, this decision needed to be made for administrative ease.

All posts on this forum represent the views of the User and not the views of The Zeitgeist Movement.

General Rule Summary:
1. Please treat everyone with respect.
Insulting, derogatory and/or any other disrespectful discourse is inappropriate and unacceptable.
2. Please do not engage in personal attacks/ad hominem.
An Ad Hominem argument/attack is characterized by arguing with and/or attacking the person instead of addressing the topic in question. Try not to respond to such attacks, except to politely expose the situation and redirect the discussion to the topic.
3. Respect the specific Category/Thread's Content
This includes their descriptions, including the discussion going on at the moment. Do not Hijack Threads.
4. Respect a moderator's decision.
5. Do not post an individual's contact information unless it is already publicly available.
6. Do not advocate or discuss anything which is illegal, or violent.
Discussions advocating illegal or violent activity will blocked immediately.
7. Do not bump topics. People will pay attention to and comment what they view as relevant; "bumping" a topic just to get it constantly in the recent topics is not permitted.