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Thread: Max Keiser & Startcoin as the currency of the Zeitgeist Movement

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    Interview i did with Max a couple of weeks ago in which we discuss TZM, ephemeralization, media and more

    Il be listing this startcoin as the currency of tzm project concept on startjoin soon, and hopefully that will lad through to getting a TZM representative on Keiser Report
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    Good luck with your project. I'll look out for it on If anyone would like to inform themselves on ground-breaking developments in the cryptocurrency world and how they could relate to TZM, CoinTelegraph - Bitcoin news, analysis and review is a good source.

    As an example, here is a current article which deals with decentralisation, undocumented humans, and the possibility of a bankless society: Baby Neo is Bitcoin's First 'Undocumented Human'
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    Having pondered about cryptocurrency for a while, it appears to me that generally speaking they measure the resource mining cost, aka equipment and energy required to create said currency.

    This strikes me as very inefficient, and it would be 'cheaper' to just print paper money. :-)

    On the issue of a Universal Basic Income, I can see both good and bad points, in that it would need to be carefully adjusted to take advantage of it's good points, and to lower the side effects of its bad points.

    A good point would be for example, it would give resources to people who could start projects that benefit human kind, who otherwise would be unable to fulfil their potential.

    A bad point would be for example, someone might just sit around, get ill, use up medical resources which could otherwise help people with more pressing needs.

    As such, you might give a Universal Basic Income to everyone, and bonuses for certain key behaviours you wish to encourage your population to develop.

    As to where you finance your Universal Basic Income, at the moment the only workable solution I see to that is government led, as they can make sure everyone pays their taxes to fund it.

    I can understand that a cryptocurrency could fund it, but I worry that ultimately it comes down to paying for the electricity to generate it via another currency.

    If someone could explain how a closed loop self supporting cryptocurrency might work, I would be most interested in that.

    Related link which explores UBI and related issues:
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