Whilst I'm all for vehicles that prevent themselves from colliding with other things. (Though if you are about to be car jacked, you really do want to collide !)

Sunglass technology is available today, and a low resource solution, that is also road legal !

Personally I would go for a windscreen that can auto dim itself in patches to match the incoming dazzling light, but reading the regulations on windscreens, that wouldn't currently be legal..

Your suggestion on road layout is an excellent approach to reducing the issue for sure, and one that doesn't need us to develop any new technology to implement.

As I'm more aware of the impending problem of us not having enough engineers/scientists to develop tech in the future, which was a resource area I hadn't considered to be a problem until very recently !

And there was me thinking that only having a couple of kg of copper per person on the planet to go around would be an mayor issue. :-)