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Thread: Model of Economic for Humanity Without economic decline

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    Model of Economic for Humanity Without economic decline

    Today, i will speak about a lot thing. Not only about economic.
    My english is not perfect, in a lot part's of text i use translator.
    + I will speak about a lot things, which is tabu. And most popular person's psychologists, philosophers - bypass these topics side.
    I will do, something what do one time Freid. Speak about sex, tabu, nuked people.

    So, let's GO >

    Model of Economic for Humanity Without economic decline

    The main priority of this civilization is for people, this is people's satisfaction (by maslow pyramid of needs), so that people have enough security, love, respect, sex, food, water, care, respect, respect for the individual, self-expression, recognition of the personality and opinion of the person, Comfort, stability, confidence, joy, harmony, creativity, cognition.

    All the rest for the development of civilization is secondary. For there is no other reason or purpose for the existence of civilization, the country or the world, except as an orientation to the well-being and development of man.

    Nevertheless, the second important aspect for civilization (but it is the second) is Development.
    And already with the development, we need to think "how to make it so that both people were well and development developed" And I have an answer to this. HOBBY.

    What I mean?

    Simply put, instead of the hobby of "media, hollywood movies, computer games, alcohol drinking parties," people should be oriented toward the development of themselves and the world around. Here the idea of ​​Fresco is the most - "the city of Venus is not a city but a university where people do not stop learning and constantly learn new things and develop at any age" and all this under a model in the Finnish model style, that is, a person learns at a free pace, he decides when Push and when will relax, and for how long will relax, without pressure from the side, lapping, acting in personal freedom, as a hobby.

    Automatically this system mean - no more problem with olderist people who is retired. They will be smart - they will be expert for advice. And thats will be they hobby. They bring a lot new idea's - instead this time. Motivation for old people to be smart - expert in some questions will move the future.

    Some economists believe that if you give everyone a paradise, then everyone will stop working and development will stop. However, I repeat, giving people all the needs for oil, along with this, the motivation for development is produced. Hobby. Instead of TV, movies, hollywood, booze - make the main hobby of people the development of themselves, the world around, participating in projects, improving the standard of living for all.

    Against this background, it becomes clear that we need to develop a new system of motivation. People should be enthralled, impressed, develop in them romantic dreams for cognition, development of themselves and the world around.

    At the first stage, this is done easily, through the media. And school teachers.
    Europe already has a lot of experience in integrating something new, by the method of gradual integration, when a particular project is partially experienced in small towns, reveals features, learns to work in new conditions, and teaches it to others.

    You wanted a Venus project and complained that you do not know how to do it. Here's your model.
    Teach people to develop throughout their lives, do it as a hobby, and they themselves without money will bear the development of any country that will quickly adopt these methods and teach them how to work towards high economic growth and a high standard of living. Since much will be done for free. Hobby.

    Moreover, with the help of media it will be possible to direct people to those areas that are poorly developed. Cale the level of business, if it is necessary to have more factories - in such a society it will be enough to say in all the hearing that the work is started.

    About Sex

    The model in the educated civilization for people, almost always implies an easy relation to sex. As I already said somewhere, once children of 10-13 years are taught to be stably protected, they will be given complete freedom when people develop civilization.

    So this freedom will also affect women. If a girl wants to sleep today with one man tomorrow with another and in general how much she wants and with whom she wants, with the normal civilization she can afford it and sooner it can be the usual norm of life for many. Without any disclosure of the status of the whore or slut, or internal discomfort, that someone condemns it or that it is restrained. Of course it's not just about women but about everyone.

    Now, this is a model of control and infringement of people. Built on the conflict, then more man wants, then more the woman will resist. Despite all the secret desires to get anyone and any amount from both sides. Men and women are loaded with different belief programs to ensure that they are not compatible for a normal and friendly life. Under the pretext of morality, people are restricted to basic needs.

    In the future, sex will become the norm. Who wants to do that. Up to the usual request with unfamiliar or familiar people. If it fits into their comfort and there are no other plans, the responsiveness of people will be high enough to relate to it easily and every day.

    The word "treason" also disappears. Even being in a relationship with someone, it will also become a routine thing. Sex as communication. And the only thing about
    what is worried about half of this time is that after all the communication procedures - sex, his or her half returned.

    Nuked culture - normal?

    I speak with one indian girl. I ask her, if she had super power skills to see anyone guys nuked. Are she interested in that skills to see anyone guy who she like or not nuked to see his penis? And she said Yes! Iwant.

    It's mean everyone in any culture with censored people, they want to feel easy to see one other nuked. Girls interested to see men penis, and men interested feel easy to see boobs and pussy.

    But, if some culture growing up without that TABU, like Finland with sauna. There is a lot people who are go to mixed sauna, and growing up from child and see one other nuked, they dont feel that important thing to see some one. Even girl want to see someone penis, it's not big deal to go to sauna with some men friend and after that she feel satisfied.

    But, if ask some man, or girl. Meaning if girl ask men, or men ask girl show something. Like man ask girl "can you show your boobs?" they dont show mostly. They will say "hey, nuked body doesnt mean sex. Cheel out". And that thing is a trap. If you dont do something to people, they want it more.

    Lets look to Russia. man want sex with girl. Girl says "No, never". Man want sex more, and girl say "You guys always think only about sex. And say NO again". It's virus. If you are girl and you want your man or friend do not think about sex with you to much - Just give it. Give it so many how they want. Give it easy without bad mood on your face, without angry, be polite and positive.

    Then more time you dont give it to they in past, then more need time for they to feel "Now i have it any time when i want and i feel no body more don't run from my needs". Only after that minds they start to be normal. They will not think always about sex, and they will speak with you normal. They will not jump to other women's. But, dont stop. any "needs" must be easy to take or it's make problem again.

    Same with nuked. If for your culture easy to be with someone nuked, and someone want to see you, even for you it's normal - best what you can do - give it' Give it how they need. If they want to see you - lets they look. Boobs, pussy, penis. Lets they see so much how they want.

    Spain experience. Girls with boobs outside in man company is - ok. And they dont try look only at her face, they feel easy look at boobs, say something about her pirsing. BUT. it's steel doesnt mean sex. But in true, they like feel in that way easy. Easy to be with girl who topless, easy to see her boobs and do not try look only on face. easy to ask something.

    In that time i was near that company and i was with spain girl. Look at all this i ask her, how it's work? They just stunding and speak something about pirsing on her boobs. She said - Yes,anyone can look and speak on the boobs same like you can look on the face or on ear.

    Mostly, in a lot country, and USA and a lot country from europe. You can see nuked only persons with who you are in relationships. Some people for few years 5-10 never see more then 1 person nuked being in relationships. But if ask them, are they want to see more easy to see some time boys or girls nuked and dont feel "social confuse" or "dictature of tabu", they say - YES. Men want to see girls, girls want to see men.

    Anyone like to see other nuked. But only in that countries when it's - tabu.
    Now is a lot things is censored. Even cartoons disney and dreamwork, they draw animals without clother but they never have any genitals. It's censored. They think it's will be bad for kids, but if kids growing up when they can anything see, they reaction will be on this thing same like on your face.

    Same thing, when i was young - girls start to wear bra from 10-11 years. sometime later. Now, it's censored for 4-5. Even girl is 20-25 and she found her old photo from beach when she was 6, she poot this photo to facebook BUT first she automatically retuschering her nipples. She will hide it.

    Instead of simplifying the attitude towards nudity and making it normal. They even more censor this. The naked body and sex have communicated through the anchor (Anchoring - NLP term) due to bans and temptations. No matter women's chest, ears or elbow, of all you can make a sexual object if it is forbidden and create intimate intrigues around this object through rumors and media.

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    Communication is serious thing for make people life better. Even you live in country with a good economic, if in this country social situation of people communication is bad - you dont want live there.

    If you are in poor country, and money not so much but social situation of communication is perfect you will like this country. How i said once, the china, india, russia, today live worst then Indians of america in past. They can buy a lot things, but they's social situation is stress and dissatisfaction.

    Even from poor country or middle economic of country you can make very good place for people. You just need they teach communicate аnd interact.

    Let's look on Best country (Scandinavian), and any middle country for educated of communication.

    What people educated in scandinavia about communication? >>>>

    Do not touch people.
    Do not joke roughly,
    Do not do anything that brings them a bad mood or a decline in spirit.

    Do not disturb the personal comfort zone of a person.
    Do not impose your opinion on anyone. If he does not want to - this is his choice.
    Do not impose yourself on a person.

    Learn to say what you want.
    Respect any person with whom you are dealing, whatever he is.
    Cultivate optimism and easy attitude to life.
    Communicate with people easily

    Cultivate responsiveness, the desire to help people for nothing.
    People develop the tendency to satisfy each other's needs, responsiveness, but only if it does not interfere with their comfort.

    Every person is responsive in Scandinavia. You can address people and speak directly on the street. And even just chat. this is normal.

    A man and a woman get along perfectly. They do not fight and build relationships well on friendship and are responsive to each other's needs.

    Children are respected, they are never shouted or beaten. They do not even crush mentally, and they do not torture their guilt. They are nurtured by cause-effect relationships. If the child chtoto broke, he is not punished but they give to understand that this thing and he spoiled it and it's not good and it costs money.

    Children socialize. It would seem that in the United States, too, children are not punished or shouted. But there are difficult teenagers only in the USA. Shoal of the USA? Most likely in the US weaker socialization and respect for people, and people often joke with people, and even despise. This is why difficult teenagers are taken.

    Respect all. Children, adults, weak, sick, old. This respect applies to everyone. Even if the person is respected by another.

    To better understand, we can still address the needs of maslow (pyramid of needs). People's satisfaction ((by maslow pyramid of needs)) for people to have enough security, love, respect, sex, food, water, care, respect, respect for the individual, self-expression, recognition of the personality and opinion of the person, sense of worth, comfort, stability, confidence, joy, harmony , Creativity, knowledge.

    BUT, Let's see what the situation is in poor countries >>

    People's opinion is not respected, they can laugh and make fun of
    People pinch each other
    People have a negative. They can read each other's teachings
    They can constantly meet in their personal space and teach others to live.
    Impose your opinion
    Teach women to lie and cheat. Calling it women's mystique.
    Problems of communication between men and women. War and conflicts to understand one other.
    People do not know how to say what they really want, and others can not give it even they can.
    Selective respect for people, some respect others despise
    Heavy communication, sluggish character.
    Constant pressure of others. Learn to live.
    Children are beaten, not respected and communicate with high. Constantly finding fault with the little things.

    If you want to update and make you country live better, teach your psychologist, teacher, goverment same things what doing scandinavia. All good atmosphere doing by 2 things.

    1. Propaganda (people must hear good advise for communication, and what really NEVER need to do)

    2. School teacher's. (Teacher must to see very fast who are hard person. In the schools teacher learning of communication. It's nor full lesson like at week, it's can be mathematical or biologia, but sometime they speak about communication what need to do, and what never need to do all lesson. And all that's lessons sound many times to make normal resultate

    TV and Hollywood
    Many patterns of behavior are shown through TV. Hollywood.
    Because America is not a developed country in communication and friendship, in building relationships between people in contrast to Scandinavia. America shows in the films hatred, bully, people who do not listen to each other.

    For example, every girl in America believes her duty is to break a guy who wants something intimate from her. She will say "[Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful][Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful][Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful][Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful] you, break off." Similarly, between the relationship between a man and a woman are often seen disagreements, betrayal, inability to hear each other, betray. There are cruel jokes and stuff. All these patterns of behavior are absorbed by people, if people are older they already have established habits and they have already learned from their experience that there are patterns of behavior that destroy communication and harm society, then young people willingly copy and accept the entire set of negative types of relationships.

    So there is a sense of doing a lot of these sets of behaviors, and showing people at first in part the method of integration are good examples of friendship, responsiveness, communication skills, satisfaction. And then through time and at all to replace all bad things with good. Leave the whole drive for action.

    Fashion and appearance

    The legacy of capitalism - Fashion, will not. Archetypes themselves Men and women, they are for that and archetypes, a consequence of culture. The fact that a woman has long hair preferred, and men have short, different clothes, cosmetics for women, this is only the result of a certain culture that was captured by capitalism and globalized. does not pretend to be truly

    Equal Rights? or !We are biologist kind!.

    Equal Rights from past. In future we will not think about it becouse we will normali live in this world. We will not undearstund one other like culture era woman and man, we will undearstund one other like educated biologist kind like male and female. Without culture stereotips. that's why a lot things will be same. Becouse no need to do separately.

    Equal Rights must be, but need undearstund we are bio kind.
    man do not try be woman, do not try be pregnant, do not try sew implants in boobs to feed child with milk like women's. Girls do not try make Transplantation of beard.

    They must undearstund, they are biologist kind. And they born like male or female.
    Male mean person with penis, without boobs
    Female mean with vagina, and boobs (later), and female can be pregnant and feed child by boobs

    But, other thing in culture (we dont have culture, all rules is invented, like male's have short haircut, female have long,) it's only capitalism system. And that time is a short 100-130 years only. Before that female and male was with long hairs. They do not use makeup at all, fashion and glamour it's only this time [Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful][Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful][Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful][Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful].

    In future we have same things for male and female mean culture. Same clothes, same haircuts, same job, hobby, same toilets, dressing room, sauna and public shower.

    We don't have female or male emotion, mood, or female or male energetic, female or male Behavior.
    Female have same level and posibile skills for studyng, learning, make same jobs. Even female can be same strong, just in out lifestyle girls TRY be sick, and male try be stronger. It's not biology, our body changing by our minds. Any girl can be very strong like guy. Do hardwork job, be a loader.

    Maybe - male's have more testosteron and female's have more estrogen it's too culture projection. Male's TRY be stronger, and show strong mood and thats why testosteron coming more to male's
    And same with female's. They TRY be sick, small, and emotional and for that tasks, female's body bring more estrogen.

    Just we have different standart. Female try eat less, to be beauty and small. And they dont work with hand, becouse girl in our culture must be small and without muscule. But,... it's only this culture, it's nothing change to biologic our kind.

    In future we will be not men and girl like culture projection. We will be like male and female biologic educated race. With same clothes, same boots, same haircut's, same job's. Same, i mean not like everybody will be same, clothes, haircuts can be differend. Just there will not relate to some gender.

    Different will be only in some things by kind of biologic gender. Pregnant can be only female.

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    Shame, disgust and embarrassment.

    History from Russia. There was somewhere a man who was ill in his groin. Shy the man will turn to the doctor. For two years I was so shy, but until everything became rotten and stink. The man got courage and came to the nearest polyclinic. The urologist was not near, other doctors were breezing, and doctors began to pull the wand. To whom the short one gets to, he examines and touches all this.

    Why this story? By the fact that under a normal educated society, people are neutralized by such shame, disgust and embarrassment. A person will not hesitate to address a doctor and even freely talk about it with absolutely any people. And doctors even not from that chamber will not be breezing even to [Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful][Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful][Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful][Inflammatory word removed. Please be civil and respectful], intestines, brains opened. And this applies not only to doctors but to all people in civilization.

    We must understand where this FU is taken. Little babies take some kind of slime with dirt and Mom's the same one with the ugly face say FU. Kids remember this reactions, there are subjects that need to be bribed. We have generally social things who everyone say Fuuu. We have fuu which in films are imposed in horrors especially to make scene maximum nasty and Fuu to To capture the reaction of the viewer by opposing sensations showing them blood and guts with someone pain. There is still a feeling of empathy, many people do not digest blood, because it includes association with someone's suffering, pain.

    Empathy is an important thing but shame, fastidiousness of biological processes and the body must go back to the past. Every person in the future can calmly look at the support and calmly treat this. Discuss and not be ashamed of chronic diseases and not be abusive. It's easy to talk about any biological problems, including genital ones, and do not feel like it is at least 1% stiff because of these topics.

    But. Shame is specially developed in undeveloped cultures for totalized management on fears, phobias, shame, humiliation, pressur

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    I especially like the part about 'not being abusive'....whether to each other or the world in general.

    After eons of collective human effort...'Modern Individualism' and the self obsessiveness that comes with it has contributed much to this phenomena, no? Its how capitalism succeeds as an economic system to this day, despite its flaws, the harm and destruction caused and the inherent corruption that is tolerated by the masses...

    I also believe that 'Shame' and shaming has become 'the' method designed and purposely used and perfected after centuries of use, to dehumanize those who we assume are different from us, when in fact, those differences are what makes us human, yet 'justifies' our wrongly (manipulated) perceived separation from the natural world, which then allows us to look the other way when our culture wantonly destroys the planet and/or each other.....with little or no guilt or thought outside our own small personal world....

    "WELCOME to the TZM FORUM"

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