from: Scarlet Beast - Using Automated Poker Botting Technology to Disrupt Status Quo


The Scarlet Beast is an organization that was defined in the prophetic Book of Revelation of the Bible. We are here to develop a tight niche tribe that has one goal in mind: Freedom, in every sense of the word, for every individual to act in such a manner that is congruent with their own passions and to not have to curtail those passions due to economic or any other kind of slavery. With this comes the development of these essential qualities of our members in our tribe: truth, hope, passion, integrity, faith, love, a desire to enrich humanity and to protect the earth we live in.


If we lived in a society that was automated with technology that freely gave the fruits of that automation to the individual, we would not need to work some meaningless job in order to provide for our needs. Instead we would be inclined to follow our deepest passions, and if this was done on a mass scale (people following their deepest passions), the world would glow in a radiance never experienced before.

Although we do not live in such a society. In the terms of our current society, freedom is established through two paths: 1) dismissing the current paradigm of working 8 hours a day and instead boldly following your passions without knowing how it will all work out, or 2) since its one of the main games in town, setting financial freedom as a measure of success and using that freedom and economic influence, once achieved, to fulfill deeper purposes.

The Scarlet Beast will use the system of economic success to destroy the current paradigm with an eventual, but very monumental, goal of bringing about a new world based on automation and technology, thus giving each and every individual freedom to do as they choose.

In order to achieve this, we, as a tribe, will bleed with a passion to pursue this goal, with the first initiative of achieving financial freedom for every member in our tight niche community. In order to achieve this freedom, we have isolated automated poker botting technology as the first achievable step in making this happen. Once success is achieved in this financial pursuit, greater financial markets are opened for exploitation due to the barriers that are eliminated when it comes to cost of entry in those markets. The exploitation of these markets will be done with the eventual goal of freeing people from the economic slavery that keeps people in general from living the most fulfilled life possible.

Scarlet Beast has teamed up with a popular distributer of automated Texas Hold'em bot logic software which uses a sophisticated platform called OpenHoldem in order to implement its situational gaming engine to make a profit on poker tables. We are in need of people who believe in our purpose to team together to make this effort the most financially successful effort possible. Upon acceptance into our tribe, you will be given access to a hidden forum section and will be mentored by our current tribe members on how to use and program that software. We are looking for people who resonate with the qualities described above so we can trust you in this effort and thus share with you our already profitable platform. We encourage you to purchase a license of the already existing platform to further development of that platform and to familiarize yourself with that platform.

Please start a discussion with us NOW to learn more and tell us about yourself.