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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad* View Post
    Why not keep both incentives? The prize money should attract people to the website, and knowing that the winning plan will be implemented should encourage people to keep planning, reviewing, rating and sharing.
    Perhaps the winner would decide to use the prize money to help implement his or her plan.
    The cash prize makes me very uneasy. As it was pointed out already, if the winner is to be voted online, it makes Internet security an issue, and it begs the question: can any fool vote? An alternative is to appoint an external committee to evaluate the proposals (where do we find them?), which would mean writing down directives with evaluation criteria, by-laws etc., which is a lot of work. The purpose of the cash prize is to attract more people, but these extra people will be interested in personal profit, which goes against the spirit of the transition. That does not sound right to me.
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    shut down / terre une / !
    already money spent ...
    it could have been used more wisely !


    no need to start website and hold contest
    that awards cash prize for best transition plan

    many places for that already exist !
    ( and for free ! )
    one of them is where we are right now !



    no need to start website and hold contest
    for the best essay describing what
    a world without money might look like

    it has been done many times already !


    financial incentive
    to get more people thinking and talking
    about an alternative economy ...

    amount that You are thinking of ...
    is far from the amount needed to make the change !


    100 000 for writing short essay ...

    ask Yourself - if You were to win
    what would You do with this money ?

    brightest minds are writing and speaking out ...
    ... without asking any money ...
    ... and it mostly falls on deaf ears !


    too sad to continue this debate ...

    luckily i can end it with something positive:
    somebody in ZM forum actually agrees to put 1000 on table ! ?


    to all good people here = something more to think about =

    please do imagine that it is going to be You
    who will decide what to do with donated 1 000 000 ...
    so ... what would You do ?

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    > TEDx Victoria - Victoria Westcott: Crowdfunding 101

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