View Full Version : Chapter Projects

  1. Exchange / Sell Transcash, Neosurf, PCS coupon/voucher, Paysafecard, NeoCode, Amazon,
  2. 3D fun "Minecraft"like game project, with VenusProject elements
  3. Burning Man 2015
  4. Self-Sufficiency Guide (Localized Solutions Project) - TZM Greece
  5. Greek TZM Magazine
  6. Make use of protests to spread awareness about TZM
  7. Manifesto for a New Ireland and a New World
  8. Manifesto for a New Ireland and a New World
  9. Toronto Tool Library
  10. Rapidprototyping
  11. Tech proposal: Flying wireless stations
  12. New tool for activism---> a theater play!
  13. New Podcast from a New Chapter in California - San Jacinto, CA
  14. How to Promote Zeitgeist Film Screening
  15. Proposal: 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Chapter Co-operatives
  16. Starcraft 2 TZM Clan
  17. Zeitgeistcenter in the Netherlands
  18. New Tool for Linguistics Team!!
  19. Proposal: Planting the Seed
  20. science project proving TZM can work...

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