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  1. Model of Economic for Humanity Without economic decline
  2. The Case For Large Buildings
  3. Transition: This topic should be on fire!!!
  4. The Project for a New Global Millennium
  5. Automated Poker Botting as a Means to an End
  6. The Idea
  7. Cure for apathy !
  8. The main difference between rich and poor
  9. The Common Sense Act (Just some thoughts)
  10. Created TZM chat
  11. Live Chat
  12. how things are today
  13. REB vs LE
  14. Looks like things might be changing around here
  15. TZM not pushing the transition?
  16. Échange / vente Transcash, Neosurf, PCS coupon / bon, Paysafecard, NeoCode, Amazon, B
  17. Use Capitalism to Destroy Capitalism and usher in a new era
  18. Contest
  19. The People's Protection Force: How to win the information war
  20. How Capitalism is Killing Itself
  21. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (a personal interpretation)
  22. Letter to Santa Claus
  23. Should overt racist speech be free under a RBE?
  24. iq2: Freedom of expression must include the license to offend
  25. Ursula Le Guin
  26. PostSecret
  27. What do you guys think of the green party?
  28. The Pirate Party
  29. P2P Economy for Transition?
  30. The final pieces to the puzzle.
  31. The Elephant In The Room Is Capitalism. Maybe.
  32. Zeitgeist Internet Chat Server
  33. Auroville
  34. Still trying
  35. Open Letter to Transition Towns
  36. Transition Question
  37. POTUS candidates - Libertarian Party
  38. Sanctuary - An Anarchist Commune in The United States
  39. No one knows what to do
  40. Proposal to achieve Post Scarcity
  41. F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man
  42. Home
  43. Capitalism is ofiicialy over
  44. A little assistance please
  45. A way to experiment with a transition to a new societal system..
  46. The Science of Imagery. Diamond and Planet Making.
  47. Global Strategy to Skip the Basic Income Phase of RBE Transition
  48. 80% Complete, Demonstration Project
  49. Memorial Day
  50. How we can save the world, transform it through education, what we can do to help.
  51. One Time Zone For The Whole World
  52. The Transition and how it will realistically occur.
  53. These two are ripe for recruitment by TZM : )
  54. Our Accomplishments Today
  55. Proposal for transition
  56. Blockchain
  57. Top 10 benefits of the apocalypse
  58. Natural Existential Law & Order
  59. build the foundations first -- start sharing
  60. How Will a Post-Scarcity Society Work?
  61. The future is here.
  62. Simulation
  63. RBE TV-reality show
  64. We need to form a culture an identity.
  65. We are making progress.
  66. Revolution is a necessary factor for change.
  67. One possible result/payoff of having the shackles removed...
  68. The transition of new worlds, Assimilation and Survival.
  69. Transition ... When ??? Never ???
  70. You Are Cordially Invited to Help Change the World!
  71. Status Update
  72. Important: 2 major problems - 2 major solutions
  73. Looking for an exploit to make things more democratic
  74. "Energia" -- a SF novella with a RBE civilization
  75. TMZ Skill Distribution Analysis
  76. Using Fiction to Help the Transition
  77. Am I the only one who thinks the transition should/will be easy?
  78. Can we hurt a robots feelings?
  79. Religión Democrática
  80. Organisation Prototype - Mars Colony/Small Community
  81. List of Transition Ideas
  82. Social Media Lists
  83. Challenges to the transition
  84. An Idea
  85. One Real Solution - Passive Income
  86. Roots of Departmental Governance
  87. Theoretical Model of a Transition Government - Discussion Welcome
  88. Could there be reason for ultimate hope? This is one very possible scenario.....
  89. DRACO Illustrates the Poor Funding Situation for Radical Departures from the Existing
  90. A Transition Plan
  91. Worker Co-Ops as a Means to Transition?
  92. A Practical, Achievable Way Forward
  93. Bitcoin and the Blockchain
  94. Something that you can actually do to get this revolution going! We need people!
  95. Positive change requires a positive mindset!
  96. And Its Whispered That Soon....
  97. Trying to make an impact
  98. How can an individual have the biggest influence?
  99. If money was not a problem, would you keep your current job?
  100. Copiosis
  101. SCIENTISTS should form a new SCIENTIFIC Government of the people, for the people and
  102. Thorium Nuclear Reactors
  103. It's finally here. Introducing the official Global Assembly Transition plan.
  104. Question/Suggestion regarding land contracts and transitioning
  105. Labor Day 2028, Robert Reich
  106. Yanis, my new hero
  107. How's this for a technical solution (rather than something political)?
  108. There will always be Labor
  109. the Outcome (game project)
  110. So, what happens after the transition?
  111. Do The Math
  112. My transition idea.
  113. The Revolution
  114. What legislative changes are being made?
  115. Why is transition so elusive?
  116. The 'new' face of capitalism?
  117. World Transition Movement
  118. The Advanced Workplace Democracy Application Suite
  119. Economic before Sociopolitical System Transition or Vice Versa
  120. Next step system evolved
  121. Applying WSDE to things like Military
  122. Sum Of US
  123. Post-secondary education, TZM-oriented communities, and vertical farming
  124. Earth or Life Currency.
  125. The People's New Economic Rule
  126. Best way to change the world
  127. Brave new world
  128. The 'key' below our feet
  129. When it comes to resources and scarcity, where do values come from?
  130. you can help here! activism
  131. Would it be a good idea to...
  132. Are People Unwilling to Say Anything??
  133. Building a Media Center
  134. Should we focus on the problems or the solutions?
  135. Portable, cheap, easy to make and highly efficient solar oven
  136. Moving Beyond Materialism...
  137. I need help out of the rat race
  138. Ridding the world of definitions
  139. Good starting location... but lets do it secretly
  140. To Sum It Up
  141. A practical start?
  142. Anyone who knows what happened to Douglas Mallette?
  143. Number of actual Zeitgeisters?
  144. How to Watch Zeitgeist with Friends and Family
  145. Abundance as Subversive
  146. 5 acres of land waiting for people to come live on - can hold up tp 100 to 200 people
  147. A potential business model for a hybrid (RBE + Market) business
  148. Building a new world....
  149. Building a Real Model of a Zeitgeist City Question
  150. phase 2
  151. More cartoon storyline ideas
  152. how to breakdown the rbe mechanism - transition plan
  153. The fallacy of excessive premise extension
  154. On the impact of our food system - we call it "Eaternity"
  155. Why Not a More Open Forum?
  156. similar communities like this one (for a movie project)
  157. Generation Local
  158. thinking of making a game project to spread awareness
  159. YouTube: Global Solution Networks: 10 Types in 10 Minutes
  160. Moving to a sustainable lifestyel as a transitional strategy.
  161. Dr Rick Strassman
  162. Richard Leakey
  163. Transitioning
  164. outside the box
  165. We could start right now - RBE alongside market
  166. Defacing The Currency In Order To Spread Awareness
  167. Grid Map Alternative
  168. Where the hell are we now?
  169. "10 Things We Grew Up With That Will Disappear In Our Lifetime"
  170. Intelligent future
  171. square one
  172. Another Bright Idea - Subverting Capitalism with Capitalism
  173. How are you going to get the resources?
  174. YouTube video: Shape Reconfigurable Liquid Metal
  175. The Luddite Fallacy
  176. Creation of a "Pennyless" Celebrity.
  177. Democracy at Work + The History of Socialism versus Capitalism by Richard D. Wolff
  178. You are the transition!
  179. Transforming youth with townhouse community project - Thoughts?
  180. Driven without money
  181. World Peace Day
  182. Digital nomads (tiny house freelancers)
  183. Bringing awareness through petitions
  184. Money Free Party transistion concept
  185. Self esteem; Is that all that's needed?
  186. Real things each of us can do to bring forth the transition
  187. DG: True Representatives
  188. US Congressman proposes what?
  189. The Last Resort
  190. Living Art, Friedrich Liechtenstein
  191. Psychology and Moving Forward
  192. Here's a free gadget, welcome to the Sharing Economy.
  193. No more DG Path discussion here
  194. Pick a transition project
  195. DG: Equishift Script
  196. Amazing prospect for experimental communities and government
  197. Transitional ideas
  198. Boycott Bandwagon?
  199. I'm starting to work on creating the Transition right now - come join me!
  200. The sharing economy: Using business as a force for good
  201. The human family
  202. Is the transition possible while religion still exists?
  203. Access Education: Coming Across a trend of new education online.
  204. glad to be part of the this cause
  205. DG: Departmental Governance in a Nutshell
  206. Strategic Assets of Transition
  207. What about Rollerball?
  208. DG: Interdepartmental Mandates of Justice and Economics
  209. TZGM should stay away from the left-right paradigm
  210. Has the transition already started?
  211. Im going to forensic pychiatric care in some time does anyone have any questions?
  212. Roll Call
  213. Labor Democratization to Incentivize Full Automation
  214. DG: Legislative Court and The Political Process
  215. Bill Gates: People Nor Governments Are Prepared [for automation]
  216. What is the most efficient way to fulfill TZM's goal?
  217. My response to Larken Rose's "If you were king"
  218. DG: The undisputed champion of strategic transition
  219. Tzm research - please read and take part
  220. The Quarry Park
  221. Modular Self Employement - Responsibility The Core
  222. DG: Recommended Resources
  223. Conducting research on TZM for University dissertation, PLEASE READ AND PARTICIPATE!
  224. Strategy for spreading the word
  225. University dissertation research on TZM - PLEASE READ AND PARTICIPATE!
  226. Smart grid as most important technological enabler for a transition towards RBE?
  227. DG: Responsible Capitalism
  228. DG: 99Conglomerate
  229. DG: Equishift
  230. Social programs are a necessary evil for the transition...
  231. Departmental Governance
  232. Music for a Liberated World
  233. Compulsory education
  234. Idea of how to transition
  235. Just another idea.
  236. ΕΛΛΑΣ: Building the changeover with a political movement
  237. Start the transition
  238. Online Website/Cooperative Business To Fund RBE Research Community
  239. ideas on how to spark change!!
  240. If corporations want to thwart democracy, make corporations democratic!
  241. Is this the Accidental End of Marriage, Capitalism and Religion?
  242. Aquaponics Project (Continued)
  243. heres a plan, a plan of action
  244. Where is the Zeitgeist Wiki?
  245. All Hail the Robots!
  246. How Iron Maiden found its worst music pirates -- then went and played for them
  247. An Open Letter
  248. Mental instituions and mental hospitals
  249. Progress! A Step Toward the RBE
  250. Sh.itting Pretty in the RBE

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