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  1. Doggedness
  2. "Liking" posts
  3. The Current Lifestyle of Casey Anthony
  4. The Flat Earth Movement
  5. Money and Religion
  6. Life after Hate
  7. Chains of Gold
  8. Scholar
  9. Freud's theory of human nature
  10. What we fail to notice about those we love to hate...
  11. The Susceptible Mind
  12. Do you annoy other people?
  13. Does music give you chills?
  14. Are we addicted to Technology?
  15. YouTube: A North Korean tale of Friendship | Alessandro Ford | TEDxUHasselt
  16. Memory
  17. The Stefan Syndrome
  18. Dunning-Kruger phenomenon
  19. Nancy Pelosi refuses to applaud American job creation
  20. Who is serenesam?
  21. Who is SophicDrippins?
  22. Échange / vente Transcash, Neosurf, PCS coupon / bon, Paysafecard, NeoCode, Amazon, B
  23. Minimalists
  24. It sure was Fun while it lasted
  25. Disruptors, Infiltrators and Spies...Oh My
  26. Toxic Masculinity
  27. Racists Have Lower IQs
  28. Ubuntu
  29. How to Forgive Anyone in 120 seconds or Less
  30. the next Minsky Moment...
  31. When All The Laughter Dies In Sorrow
  32. The Fall of The Alt Right
  33. The Backfire Effect
  34. Our differences are not as great as we tell ourselves they are
  35. Donald Trump is against the Alt-Right cult
  36. Good and Evil.....a Human Invention.....mostly
  37. Are we all artists?
  38. All Sexuality is Learned
  39. Nurture Vs Nature (Dr. Gabor Maté) - YouTube
  40. The Success of Life.
  41. Nature
  42. False Cause
  43. "Nearly all great scientists start out as heretics"
  44. RBE / TZM / TVP still have not considered one very important thing: Human Nature
  45. Tensegrity®
  46. The man who quit money
  47. How to Travel Forever - A journey with "no-money"
  48. scarcity and greed
  49. Diagram representing the nature of characters (the true human condition).
  50. Important Lesson
  51. The system is the root of all evil.
  52. Cringe-worthy
  53. Rare
  54. Mistakes.
  55. The man in the mirror.
  56. Awe Inspiring
  57. Good Doctor
  58. Do you understand?
  59. Natural Law and Order based on evolution (holistic survival) is naturally good.
  60. Good Virtues.
  61. The future is here.
  62. Happy Centential Birthday Jacque Fresco!
  63. Tattoos...What's your Ink say about you?
  64. crime poverty and low iq
  65. competition and human nature
  66. Idiot Humans
  67. Will many people still live in "fixed location"-based homes, in an "RBE" future?
  68. Why do wonderful idea's fail?
  69. What are the different types of economic structures of society?
  70. Darwin Day Revelation
  71. Using Education To Change Your Childrens Values
  72. Using Education To Change Your Childrens Values
  73. Hawkings newest warning
  74. Critics Blind to LAND
  76. What is capitalism, why does it exist, and what will it take to move away from it?
  77. Another warrior in the struggle passes
  78. December 10, 1948
  79. feel free to say what we tell you to say about us
  80. Coopracy 21st democracy a new concept in economics for humanity
  81. Coopracy 21st democracy a new concept in economics for humanity
  82. Exploring Relationships Or Connections Between Different Social Interaction Concepts
  83. a new strategy with Islam
  84. What A Future Without Jobs Might Look Like
  85. why humans do not learn from history
  86. AA
  87. Coopracy 21st democracy a new concept in economics for humanity
  88. Coopracy enlightened democracy in a corporate age introductory essay
  89. For the files
  90. cabq.gov - City Launches Effort to Curb Panhandling: “There’s a Better Way”
  91. What be troublin' ye
  92. TZM Australia podcast on religion and atheism
  93. Pop Quiz
  94. TERROR, yes men connection
  95. The extraterrestrial question and the human condition and how all the thing started
  96. Humanity; Crabs in a bucket?
  97. Social Progress Index
  98. A Rich Man Took His Son To See What It Was Like To Be Poor, And This Is What Happened
  99. Language, poetry and mathematics
  100. Missunderstandings are more frequent in not-oral communication.
  101. The 'Unspoken' Reality of Human Manipulation
  102. Unconscious Behaviour as Consumers.
  103. Humans primary flaw? We're always seeking leaders instead of leading…..the ROOT?
  104. Jaynes, an imperative read to discuss the Human Condition.
  105. Meet FORM: Arcosanti, The Tiny Desert Festival With A Big Dream
  106. Biology as ideology
  107. Redefining empathy
  108. im falling apart
  109. Essay ideas.
  110. Early 20th century astronomers falsify psychology
  111. Can you solve this?
  112. 10 Quotes from Lakota Chief that need revisiting
  113. Mandatory Education
  114. A possible theory of social physics
  115. A Pizza Shop Customer's Kind Gesture Turns Into Pay-It-Forward Campaign
  116. How TZM turned my life upside down - feeling disconnected
  117. Empathy
  118. The dangers of not having immediate access to information
  119. Video of what a friend thinks of my poltergeist movement
  120. Mental Breakdowns, definitely my case.
  121. The "Nature" of Crowds
  122. Intelligence.
  123. Understanding "Abandon". How to convey this idea?
  124. James Judd - The Book Report
  125. banality of evil
  126. The purge, the movies
  127. Forum Lab: Memory,
  128. cuba feliz documental,musica cubana,2000
  129. This Is Your Stressed-Out Brain On Scarcity
  130. golden balls,game theory
  131. If I didn't have to work, I would practice my "Flying Lessons"
  132. 10 Activist Types, Which Ones Are You?
  133. Alice in Quantumland
  134. Irrationality Epidemic
  135. 1984 Robots
  136. The Value of material possessions
  137. University research on TZM - Please read and participate! Help a fellow human!
  138. Things you don't agree with Jacque/Peter?
  139. Humanity's Immune Response
  140. Eliminating the #1 Cause of Death
  141. I've come to realize we are all slaves...
  142. Evolve into more than you are
  143. Leadership Styles From Around The World
  144. Make A Genius Tribe
  145. Determining capital punishment's detrimental effects upon societal and mental health
  146. BBC program "Bang Goes The Theory" about Nature v Nurture
  147. The hardwired difference between male and female brains...
  148. Why US Baby Boomers Are Retiring In Latin America
  149. Intelligence: Borne from the Brain or the Mind?
  150. "Living the Utopia" - Anarchism & The Spanish Revolution (Documentary)
  151. do not call it Columbus Day
  152. You Upgrade Your Technology, But Do You Upgrade Yourself?
  153. A survey
  154. Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed
  155. The Most Depressing Discovery About the Brain, Ever
  156. If Lady Gaga promoted The Zeitgeist Movement. OMFG
  157. Maps
  158. Brain "Handedness" Debunked
  159. Internet makes it harder to rule
  160. Dolphins granted personhood by government of India
  161. Xavier Rudd ~ Better People
  162. Leopard Kills Monkey and Discovers Baby! INCREDIBLE REACTI
  163. Selfish people have short-term advantage.
  164. Cultural Creatives
  165. Is it fair/unfair for employers to block most of their employees online content or...
  166. Nightmares After the I.C.U.
  167. Heard mentality or something evil that lies within?
  168. The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power
  169. Open Letter: Kelle Hampton, her blog site, and book
  170. The Generation Hypothesis. (Very Interesting and quite true)
  171. Primitive human society 'not driven by war'
  172. Why is Reasoning Regarded as Difficult?
  173. Link Resource: Moms Pump Here: Moms Find, Rate, Share Places to Breast Pump
  174. Art
  175. Kindness is a weakness.
  176. Music
  177. Optimism and pessimism.
  178. Modern psychology vs behavioral science
  179. Never ending Mommies Wars
  180. The HemLoft
  181. Priest says Hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear
  182. Anne Frank: The Biography with new and expanded material, Melissa Muller
  183. New Study Shows That Just Thinking About Money Makes People Jerks
  184. The Human Conditioning
  185. Language: A MASSIVE & Cancerous Mind-Body Health Hazard
  186. India is weird, they've got rapists, corruption, poverty and SAINTS.
  187. Love's Effect on Human Development
  188. The Zeitgeist Movement and Spiritual Oneness: Video I made for TZM, to inspire!
  189. Does it even matter if humans are genetically crappy?
  190. Beauty’s Benefits: Our Strange Cosmetic Lives
  191. Self appointed guardians of the status quo
  192. YAHOO! FINANCE - The New Science of Giving
  193. Understanding the Biopsychosocial through the art.
  194. Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD
  195. Enlighten: Blueprint Schematics For The Consciousness of Humanity
  196. Principal Fires Guards, Expands Arts and Sees Test Scores Soar.
  197. Is this Neuro-scientist agreeing with Jacque Fresco ?
  198. Help your neighbor…help yourself
  199. Learning Through Empathy - Elementary
  200. Kids Hate School -- and Here's Why
  201. B.C. doctor, Gabor Mate, told to stop using hallucinogenic tea to help addicts
  202. The Jungle Prescription,
  203. Could i sue the u.s. Government for not providing me with food, clothing, and shelter
  204. Meditation: A Tool for Sustainable Social Values
  205. Too much choice leads to riskier decisions, new study finds
  206. Know Thyself: How Mindfulness Can Improve Self-Knowledge - zeitnews
  207. Uplifting music can boost mental capacity- zeitnews
  208. Empathy, Altruism, Addiction, and the danger of Sociopathy
  209. University of Cambridge debuts virtual talking head capable of expressing human emoti
  210. Request: Reading list on Personal Identity
  211. Expression
  212. Subconscious and Unconscious Thoughts
  213. World's Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant Switches On in Abu Dhabi
  214. MIT Researcher: 6 Ways Technology Will Make Us Immortal, Telepathic And More
  215. "Post Scarcity Economics" YouTube video by someone named Aurini
  216. Flip of a single molecular switch makes an old brain young
  217. Structural Violence
  218. Hybristophilia
  219. Free Social Epidemiology course
  220. We Are All ONE
  221. Impromptu social experiment...
  222. Psychpathy and the new world
  223. Matti2332's feedback on TZM
  224. Plenty of Capitolist Fish in the pond
  225. Identically Different: The Science of Epigenetics
  226. I needed 21 years, 4 countries, lots of observation to realize that..
  227. Want a good laugh?
  228. Understanding Crime
  229. Toxicity Confirmed for Roundup Herbicide and a Roundup-resistant GM Maize
  230. Amalgam!
  231. Dude. "Profiting off hunger: Wall Street makes big gains over food price spikes"?!
  232. People are ignorant when talking about sharing recources globaly.
  233. Books to read
  234. The Root of All Evil?- by Godi Gutierrez
  235. A Technology of Behavior: a documentary film for serious social change
  236. Why the Concept of Infinite Demand is an Illusion
  237. Concerts in a Post Scarcity Society
  238. Freakanomics
  239. Need help creating an APP for android and i phone users
  240. Bothered by negative, unwanted thoughts? Just throw them away
  241. Plans to replace u.s. Workers with robots advance rapidly
  242. Smart cities: Bridging physical and digital

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