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  1. Buy/sell GiftCards/Prepaid cards with bitcoins ! check in for list.
  2. Échange / vente Transcash, Neosurf, PCS coupon / bon, Paysafecard, NeoCode, Amazon, B
  3. Libertarian Socialism and TZM
  4. r/K Selection Theory Naturally Opposing TZM/RBE
  5. A quick guide to ignore molyneux trolls
  6. “The Scholarchy” Model Versus A Resource Based Economy Model
  7. The Rise of The Alt Right
  8. The current government is too controlling as it is, command economy would be tyrannic
  9. The Concern About People Becoming Lazy/Dependent
  10. Accidental (or intentional) injuries and compensation
  11. How would it be decided who lives where?
  12. All or nothing, One-size-fits-all Global system or nothing?
  13. Scientific Supremacy - not much room for anything else.
  14. Staunch disbelievers of the afterlife - Always the first to quit.
  15. The problem (and boon) of liberty
  16. Organizer here. I have an issue with a particular lecture at Z Day Berlin, 2015
  17. Inappropriate Deletion of a Thread
  18. New Criticisms
  19. "Centrally-Planned" Question
  20. Objections Discussed in Other Forums
  21. To Peter: Scientific poof that Islam is true
  22. To change my nickname?
  23. Reproduction
  24. Why Venus Project would lead humanity to extinction.
  25. Myths I have encountered while working with The Zeitgeist Movement
  26. TZM (in parallel) should open more to more practical stuff
  27. Scarcity and Rocket Ships
  28. Anarcho-Communism and TZM
  29. Can't we just fix the current system?
  30. Stephen Hawking’s Blunder
  31. I could really use some advise
  32. Not enough momentum to reach critical mass
  33. Ludwig von Mises - Let's have a little fun
  34. Who Owns the Future?
  35. The Advocacy of "the Natural Law/Resource Based Economy" and Socialism
  36. The Advocacy of "The Resource Based/Natural Law Economy" and Socialism
  37. Tzm research - please read and take part!
  38. Translational=no real answers
  39. Fair allocation of resources - impossible or wasteful?
  40. Who would clean the toilets
  41. Sustainability of Zeitgeist world itself
  42. TZM collaborating with Green Peace, Amnesty and more organizations
  43. Deleted Thread, No Explanation
  44. Marxistophobia? Its time to end our immaturity.
  45. The Problem with “Zeitgeist” (anarchist perspective)
  46. My only doubt
  47. Zeitgeist Documentaries Confusion
  48. Need some help in a debate I am having
  49. ΤΖΜ Questions (not so much objections)
  50. Peter Joseph Stefan Molyneux Debate.
  51. Opposites attract and repel :)
  52. "Potential" false assumptions of modern science
  53. People loooove to object (sigh)...but...
  54. Forever Military
  55. The 2 big buzzwords: "utopia" and "communism"
  56. TZM is Not Doing Enough
  57. State of Mind Documentary
  58. Conservative alternative/s to Our Bodies, Ourselves
  59. Objections Discussed in Other Forums
  60. Power is in fascism. Absolute power is in free market fascism.
  61. The Zeitgeist Movement and Marxism
  62. Zeitgeist Where We Stand
  63. Don't take our gold! - question on a grey area
  64. PLEASE!!! Stop lashing out against debunkers!
  65. Hard Questions for the Zeitgeist Movement - Live Discussion Video Panel
  66. Nature VS Nurture
  67. The Tragedy of the Commons...
  68. Why I advocate The Zeitgeist Movement, response to common criticisms by Federico Pist
  69. Quantifiable, collective decision making
  70. Ray Kurzweil disproves Technological Unemployment
  71. Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK
  72. Healthcare and other jobs irreplacabe by current technology
  73. The Zeitgeist Movement - Common Objections- Video by Ben McLeish
  74. Other forms of knowledge aquirement??
  75. Using the movement for personal interests/beliefs
  76. Observations - Conclusions - Recommendations
  77. The Uninformed, The Cynics, and The Sociopathic Trolls
  78. a critique of the "awareness phase" of the transition
  79. We Are Not a Club
  80. opinion please
  81. Zeitgeist VS Deep Green Resistance. (hello thread)
  82. “This sounds a lot like Utopianism. Creating a Utopia is impossible, stupid!”
  83. Militant about Cooperation, Conservation, and a true Economy
  84. suggestion
  85. The Skeptic Project: Criticisms of a Resource-Based Economic Model
  86. "Understanding The Zeitgeist Movement Critics..." by Peter Joseph
  87. Learn How to Deal with Objections to The Zeitgeist Movement by Peter Joseph
  88. The Zeitgeist Movement - Objections, Responses, Observations
  89. Zeitgeist Movement - Objections & Responses by Ben McLeish

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