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  1. We Are Communists
  2. I'm so glad I discovered TZM!
  3. Zeitgeist Internet Chat Server
  4. Depressed
  5. Success....for the time being
  6. Private property?
  7. Unfinished Business....Getting to the ROOT
  8. My idea for RBE
  9. Clarification for NLRBE (using milk).
  10. Distribution of luxuries?
  11. Example of NLRBE using Milk.
  12. World Building 101
  13. My Self Sustainability Project - Help
  14. Effective/rational usage of resources/end-products in a postscarcity RBE. Waste?
  15. Locations in a postscarcity world
  16. Retake
  17. RBE's are top down therefore suffer from all existing economic models...
  18. Basic Economic Exchange & Distribution in the NLRBE
  19. Question about distribution of goods in a RBE
  20. Upside down economic model or resource based economy from the bottom up!
  21. Some YouTube channels
  22. The System of Work.
  23. Scientific collaborations: a model?
  24. Natural Constitutional Law & Order, Model for Optimal Standards.
  25. Optimizing Central Planning, transportation and city layout.
  26. Plausible and Sustainable Super Efficiency.
  27. Virtual vs. "Physical" Abundance
  28. lack of experimental data
  29. Delicious irony's?
  30. Could there be reason for ultimate hope? This is one very possible scenario.....
  31. A possible solution???
  32. Just stumbled upon an interesting youtube video
  33. The solution to society's problems...
  34. The Zeitgeist Movement Defined in epub format?
  35. What should the bottom point mean on this inverted pentagram penant?
  36. Glossary of Critical Thinking Terms
  37. Individualism and individuality in Resourse Based economy
  38. I have a new way of proposing the RBE to the mass public AND I NEED YOUR HELP!
  39. I have an idea...
  40. A question regarding the transition to a RBE.
  41. Education in an RBE
  42. mining crypto currencies is such a waste
  43. Structural Incentive
  44. Georgist Economics
  45. The game "Banished" and simulation of an RBE
  46. Resource based requesting process?
  47. Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions VIDEO
  48. The Zeitgeist Movement Defined in epub format?
  49. What is the water based energy that the movie talks about
  50. Quick question: what'll be the "employment rate"?
  51. Humans Need Not Apply
  52. RBE potential problem: overpopulation
  53. Distribution Issues in RBE
  54. Colorado birth control scheme causes drop in teen pregnancy
  55. Governance/Government in the RBE
  56. Freedom for Nature Man
  57. Should guns be allowed in an RBE?
  58. Handling Scarcity
  59. How would buying things we want work in a RBE?
  60. Amazing prospect for experimental communities and government
  61. Ending poverty and wealth inequality…simple?
  62. Socialism and N.L.R.B.E.
  63. Renewables
  64. So what happens to groups who have different points of view?
  65. The effectiveness of (what we call) democracy
  66. Science Fictional Comedy TV Show Idea
  67. Microsoft will be giving Windows away for free (to device makers)
  68. Debate a libertarian
  69. Scarcity in an RBE
  70. Tzm research - please read and take part!
  71. University dissertation research on TZM - PLEASE READ AND PARTICIPATE!
  72. Bodybuilding and sustainability
  73. Running around naked in RBE
  74. Libertarian misconceptions and things we might gain from libertarians
  75. New User. I have Questions.
  76. How does drugs disappear in RBE
  77. If everyone gets the same money amount, how is RBE free from a monetary system
  78. Where and most of all HOW do we begin?
  79. Economic Calculation in Resource-Based Economics | P2P Foundation
  80. Geonomics and TZM
  81. Prototype RBE Constitution needed
  82. Finally i decided to See watch Lone Survivor Movie
  83. Where will i get a t-shirt in RBE?
  84. Simplistic analogy that might help explain a few FAQ about an RBE
  85. Economic Calculation in a Natural Law / RBE
  86. The Version of RBE That I Advocate
  87. City Design
  88. Commons-based peer production
  89. Star Trek. Every Zeitgeister's wet dream
  90. Could an RBE emerge from a Co-operative?
  91. An Aspiring Scientist’s Frustration with Modern-Day Academia: A Resignation
  92. RBE, & Freedom
  93. Academia and RBE
  94. Free Food
  95. Sports/competition...
  96. Speculating our capabilities
  97. Open Letter: Ms Michelle King Robson and Empowher: Women's Health & Wellness Social.
  98. Questions For Everyone
  99. Basic Income
  100. Three Planets in Habitable Zone of Nearby Star - Effect on RBE?
  101. Three Planets in Habitable Zone of Nearby Star - Effect on RBE?
  102. A new and easy way to always have freedom!
  103. Religions place within a NLE. An Atheists approach to reasonable compromise.
  104. RBE and Extraterrestrial (ET, little green men)
  105. Luxury products/services in a RBE
  106. Why so seriousssssssssss? Have a laugh
  107. The nitty gritty: how many square feet (meters) does a person need to live in
  108. Actions i've been contemplating the need for educational reform and how it fits in wi
  109. Nostradamus prediction for RBE.
  110. Art, Music and Movies in RBE society
  111. Porn and sexuality in RBE and Post apocalyptic possibilities.
  112. Population control in RBE society.
  113. The Matrix Project
  114. Crime in the RBE
  115. On "Arriving at decisions" in a RBE
  116. The Wal-Mart resource allocation system
  117. GE/GM Debate
  118. The Universal Law Of Civility
  119. Post-Scarcity truly possible?
  120. Internal Awareness by Movement Members and the "Horseless Carriage" Analogy
  121. Cradle to Cradle Production: The Solution for Planned Obsolescence
  122. Why Vote
  123. Quick Reference Guide to Relevant Links
  124. The Four-Hour Day by Gabe Sinclair
  125. White house petition: Convert the u.s. Economy into a resource based economy
  126. The Final Nail in the Coffin: The Technical Science Behind Resource-Management
  127. Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions VIDEO
  128. Property
  129. Healthcare in an RBE
  130. Open liquid democracy
  131. Natural Law- the only real system
  132. Theoretical transmutation technology that could make resources almost unlimited
  133. posting on behalf.. Religion/groups wanted to control new economy?
  134. RBE Masters program??
  135. The bottom line for me
  136. Planned/Inherent Obsolescence is fictional
  137. The Sex Industry
  138. Birth Control
  139. "Economists have already proven that this idea(RBE) cannot work!"
  140. TEDx- Intro to a Resource Based Economy by Peter Joseph
  141. "Communicating RBE Concepts" by Jen Wilding VIDEO
  142. Resource Based/Natural Law Economy Explained
  143. What are the central characteristics of a Resource Based/Natural Law Economy?

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