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Thread: Transparent Aluminum Can Create Unbreakable Windows.

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    Transparent Aluminum Can Create Unbreakable Windows.

    Transparent aluminum starts out as a pile of white aluminum oxynitride powder. That powder gets packed into a rubber mold in the rough shape of the desired part, and subjected to a procedure called isostatic pressing, in which the mold is compressed in a tank of hydraulic fluid to 15,000 psi, which mashes the AlON into a grainy “green body.” The grainy structure is then fused together by heating at 2000 °C for several days. The surface of the resulting part is cloudy, and has to be mechanically polished to make it optically clear.
    MAKE | Transparent Aluminum

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    All sounds great apart from

    It’s expensive, of course, and so generally reserved for high-performance applications, especially in military fields.
    but in an RBE that should not be a reason for all not to benefit from it.
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