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Thread: how hard it is to know things

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    how hard it is to know things

    I find that social movements promoting peace and resource-based economies are very often swamped by pseudoscience and religion.

    I find that social debate is infected with subjective certainties.

    Scientists know how hard it is to make the necessary work and gain a reasonable confidence in just one little piece of knowledge.

    Whether we like it or not, we must admit that we are all very ignorant. Not a single person on Earth can be 100% sure about anything. Progress is slow, claims are there to be doubted.

    Learning how to doubt, acquiring tools to find out about things the hard way - without any certainty but with growing confidence as more information is gathered, including the possibility to often change one's mind - are key to freedom from manipulation and dominance by others.
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    Yes indeed...Our human insignificance can be overwhelming and upsetting to modern mankind if not simply embraced/accepted as just a small piece of an expanding Universe....and hopefully, an expanding consciousness as well....

    Could it be that our delusional 'self-importance' is at the heart of most of our emotional issues?

    "All who wander are not lost"
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