As far as I understand, then TZM is all about education and spread of ideas and TZM expects that this is sufficient for transformation of the world. But I feel uneasy about it. I want to participate, to CREATE changes and not mere educate other to do those changes on my behalf.

So - are here activities to contribute to real world projects that aims at changing world or aims at enabling those changes to occurr?

One example of such projects whic I want to cite is OpenCog project that aims to create artificial general intelligence. Actually it aims to enormous knowledge base with learning and meta-(meta)-learning possibilities that creates human and super-human level intelligence. This project explicitly aims to create humanoids but there are also aims that this project can be used in science, math and technology - to develop new algorithms (technology requires lot of them), to gather and create biological and medical knowledge, to do the most complex math and so on. This project truly is the technological advancement that can and will enable changes, without such project there can not be changes in humanity.

My question is - do You particiapate in such projects and maybe everyone of us need to participate in such project - as open source developers or as sponsors.

TZM can not succeed without advancements in technology and AI, AGI.