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Thread: It Runs On Water - YouTube - Zero point energy

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    It Runs On Water - YouTube - Zero point energy

    This extraordinary documentary raised a storm of interest when it was first broadcast in America. It tells the story of a small group of inventors who are seeking in various ways to unlock the vast amounts of energy locked water! Ordinary everyday water. A vast untapped storehouse of one of the greatest fuels in the universe, hydrogen. At first their efforts were ignored by scientists, but steadily their work has won recognition. If only a fraction of their hopes were to be realized, untold amounts of clean energy would become available to future generations. This documentary tells an intriguing story that no one else has tracked and in relation to which no one can predict the outcome.

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    I have no had a chance to view this video yet but i have watched many like it. One thing I would say is that you have to be careful with this stuff. When I first heard about these types of things I was so excited only to learn that in real life the results are not as good as these documentaries try and say they are. But like i said I havent seen this one yet and I will give it a run through when I have an hour!

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    I try to click that link, but the video was unavaible. Although I was very curious, how they can find it
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