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Thread: The nitty gritty: how many square feet (meters) does a person need to live in

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    I can't speak for anyone else but this is all I need and I'm good :

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    I think it's really more about the things you have in your Home to provide you the Comfort you want in your Life. The basics like bed, fridge, toilet etc.. along with a few other things that you personally enjoy like maybe a bookshelf, musical instruments, art supplies, music collection etc..

    You can fit all you need in these Tiny Homes so I too would be pretty relaxed in one of them. After having what you want in your Home, I think the location of it also plays an important part while Size of the Home being less important.
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    My Drums and Keyboards would likely take up half that space ...not to mention the wife's Guitars....

    TBH; That's a bit smaller than our current home (750 SF), and doesn't include our 'music/utility room' which is also small but practicable at 400 SF........all on a first floor (NO STAIRS!!! for this Old man)....but we've got acreage to expand 'if' we ever decide too....

    Tiny homes are great (we've built and lived in some).....but I think 'small homes' are more practical, especially for 2 or more persons....and would suit more people, for longer periods than the tiny ones.....just an opinion...
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