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Thread: We Are Communists

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    We Are Communists

    Well, almost identical with Anarchist Communism ( anyways, not that it would change my mind about supporting a RBE, but when people tell us that we are "Commies", I guess we sort of are, just not in the way they think. In all of the world's history, there really has never been a true Communist state in history since they all advocate for no government (or at least all the forms I have studied thus far have).
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    "We have it in our power to begin the world over again." - Thomas Paine

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    Just because there might be some resemblances/similarities between systems, I wouldn't necessarily categorize them as the same thing. I believe that if you had both of these type of Systems operating at the same time. You would be able to distinguish from the two the different ways they impact the lives of those in them.
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    der has been communism, der has nvr been any endfase of it doe like karl said woud ebb out in a statefree society, it has always stayd in d previous staydjes n just bcom wurse, cuba mite b an xeption where it has been workin' francly "gud" dey still have censur n opinion cops everywhere. I dont get y anarcist/anarco-socialist identify w/ communism so, under d revolution in russia every anarcist dat first joind in d strugel 2 overthrow d sar were killed afterwards cus dey wanned a statefree society communism has everything agenst dem.
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    > Kraftwerk - We Are The Robots

    To me, RBE is a constantly evolving solution, taking the best from each ideological solution out there, adding and subtracting parts as better solutions are discovered.

    I find if I talk to left wing folk about it, they consider it a right wing thing, and if I talk to right wing folk about it, they consider it a left wing thing..

    If I talk to people in the middle, they look blankly at me. :-)
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    We've been referred to as "communism with robots" (or a group that advocates it, anyways). That's not what bothers me; what does bother me is trying to implement the communism part without the robots part. It could also be anarchism with robots; at that point I don't see the difference.

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