Hi all,

I just created an IRChat Server for the Zeitgeist Movement. It'll be a place where you can discuss, debate, share ideas; do anything. Joining is very simple. Visit freenode Web IRC (qwebirc) Once there, create a nickname by typing your nickname in the nickname box. In the "channels" box, enter in ##zeitgeistmovement. Make sure you include two hashmarks(##) before. Then, click connect. After that, you might want to read on how to use IRC, but it's pretty simple. Once in the chat room, enter in: "/msg NickServ REGISTER password email" without the quotes. Make sure you replace "password" with the password you want, and "email" with the email you want. Then, check the email that you used for further help.

Congrats, you can now chat about The Zeitgeist Movement with other enthusiasts in real time! Make sure you tell others about this.