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Thread: Clarification for NLRBE (using milk).

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    Quote Originally Posted by fsir View Post
    Thanks, Izon.

    Solution 1 would preclude all instances where the host wants to provide all the provisions for the party as a gesture of hospitality to their guests.

    Solution 2 seems to me to much trouble to undertake just to throw a party.

    Is there a necessity for this amount of micromanagement? I can't imagine a governing authority efficiently having to oversee such personal decisions for citizens.

    I see why you'd want an equitable distribution of resources in some form.

    But I'm not sure how it would not be egalitarian if everyone was free to select 2 gallons of orange juice if they wanted and not still be egalitarian.

    After all, if I choose not to select milk one day but someone else does, they would be getting more milk than me but, according to your interpretation, that would still be egalitarian.
    Added to solution one, the guests may also provide for the party.

    Solution one was meant to deal with small events/parties ten to one hundred people on the other hand solution two is meant to deal with large parties and events in the range of hundreds to thousands of people.

    Well the idea is not to infringe on the access of people's ability to obtain what is produced, if 10 apples are produced and in the market and 10 people are in the market and each one buys one except one guy buys 2 now one person is left without an apple as the apples weren't distributed equitably, or a dedicated consumer will have their provisional share reduced in value as the stock falls bellow the standard.

    It doesn't matter if you do or do not select milk, provisions are not linked in it of themselves they share a limitation based upon the capacity of the economy's ability to support your account in an equitable manner.

    I do respect your opinion and I understand the intention behind it, it is a good idea but I will need to investigate it's consequences further and determine if it can be worked out in a way that would be acceptable.

    It warrants some further looking into but for now, my mind is set on the idea that a standard for distribution is necessary for an equitable and egalitarian economy.
    Feel free to elaborate on the idea further.
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    I like your idea, but applying it to food might have too many variables to make it work. Maybe it could be applied to energy usage or water instead?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad* View Post
    I like your idea, but applying it to food might have too many variables to make it work. Maybe it could be applied to energy usage or water instead?
    Glad to hear you like the idea, while indeed it would be a significant amount of variables to account for if we were to account for food, although it is not as bad as you think.

    Mainly things are allocated according to weight for example if you wanted to buy an assortment of nuts you would fill up a bag and bring it over to the checkout to have it weighed etc and that will be charged to your account or you can create a dispensary that you have to charge with your account to have it distribute the nuts to you and it would also be possible to buy a pack of nuts.

    Because economic exchange between producer and consumer only takes place at controlled locations there wouldn't be a problem to ensure the proper regulations are in place to ensure equitable exchange.

    Controlling the storage and distribution of "nuts" by weight allows us to efficiently determine how many are in the system without having to count them individually, so the strain is shifted to how many deposits you have instead of items per deposit in this case.

    Monitoring energy and water will be rather simple, we'll simply take the methods they have in place today and shift its purpose to be allocated according to a system as well as through NLRBE economic guidelines.

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