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Thread: RBE's are top down therefore suffer from all existing economic models...

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    RBE's are top down therefore suffer from all existing economic models...

    RBE's are top down therefore suffer from the same problems as all existing economic models.

    Look at our existing top down economies, Hollywood, Video Games, Car Industries all are top down and over time calcify with lower and lower diversity.

    I suspect a centrally controlled RBE will go the same way stifling creativity, in a similar manner to top down capitalism and communism.

    But if instead of focusing on Resources a Zeitgeist economy was to focus on a bottom up Basic Income system, then people would have the time to be creative with limited resources and to explore and grow in different directions.

    Also we have the seeds of new technology, in 3D printers and Virtual Reality that could allow a sustainable basic economy to support an abundant Virtual one.

    Not everyone in the current economy or in a RBE will be able to have a Ferrari, but in VR everyone could experience a Ferrari.

    If like I suspect an RBE will just replace a central monopoly or government role then we would be back to square one.

    To focus on Resources could be fundamentally wrong, we could sidestep resources with universal access to virtual reality.

    In addition an RBE will inherently value some resources over others, either through their current usage or rarity e.g. Gold / Semiconductors but with materials science and research new materials could be found that outperform old ones. Therefore an RBE could quickly be left behind technologically due to it's Resource Based Economy as it's vault of wealth.

    And relying on a centralised RBE inherently limits creativity and scientific research, as once items are deemed appropriate uses of resources they will be the default items in the RBE.

    In my opinion an RBE would be like living in a 60's 70's vision of the future but today where nothing is changed, it would be a society that values conformity as prescribed by the Big Brother RBE.

    Economies are time based as when people can spend time freely exploring, expanding their knowledge, researching the universe then you have a next generation economy.

    Not a centralised resource based 60's era system that inherently stifles creativity through it's fixation on resources.

    In a modern world with Virtual reality taking off, with a basic income and VR you could have unlimited Virtual Resources and experiences.

    Could or would an RBE build a space program, as it inherently values resources and the solar system has a vast wealth of untapped resources just sitting around out there free to any takers?

    If the Zeitgeist movement has not given a resounding yes to this question what future does a limited RBE have as entropy takes hold on a finite planet?

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    Very Inaccurate description of what an NLRBE is trying to accomplish. Top Down/Centralized Economies exist because they have people trying to Control the System. A NLRBE would not have anyone Controlling things but rather the Communities themselves managing the way the System operates to reach the level of Abundance we need for this type of System to work. A Basic Income System as you describe would just hinder our progress in reaching this goal. In fact, what you describe sounds more like what we have Today with basic Scarcity & Limitations. An NLRBE is trying to do the Opposite of what is done Today or has been done in the Past.

    An NLRBE is Fundamentally a Highly Technological, Evolving & Autonomous System that will Maximize the use of its available Resources to provide its people with a quality of Life never thought possible because its never been attempted before. If you can't understand that this is what its supposed to be about then you haven't fully understood what we are talking about hear. Many people don't so its really not that surprising but I would suggest that you should go back and Study more of the information out there so you can better critique the NLRBE Model and not just jump to Conclusions or rely on Biases.
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