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Thread: The System of Work.

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    The equation for balancing development and integrity for a given state is the equilibrium between the two.

    E = (I 2) + (O 2)

    E is equilibrium, I is input & O is output.

    Allowing you to maximize your potential for how much you can do to allow you to do it for as long as possible, we can allow the system to use for more output if it returns more input making its dynamic equilibrium, basically making the system more efficient aka adapting to the environment aka evolution and survival.

    Making the system more efficient is also governed by the same equation, if your IO does not produce dynamic equilibrium it is inefficient and won't survive or develop under equilibrium, it means we have to do things the right way and not waste our potential.

    Do not do something if it wasn't worth the effort, what we put in as an effort through input must produce more or the same amount of potential through output.

    We adapt to the environment aka existence, reality, life by maximizing our potential in it and realizing that potential is the way we can accomplish that.

    They are the best set of rules to govern the systems of patterns when it comes to development and integrity.

    This is one of the ultimate directives we are given by NELO translated into the NLRBE.

    Known as the Directive to Adapt.
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    Great discussion guys.

    I think some of these ideas can be applied as we first Transition into a NLRBE System. But I hope we can reach a point where we can let people's own vision of where they want to be in Life be what decides how they Assist & Benefit their Communities and the overall NLRBE System. People would then wholeheartedly Love what they are doing and how it contributes to the Working Health of this beautiful System. ALL "work" would be clearly demonstrated in how it Benefits Society and keeps the System working efficiently to further encourage people in how they choose to share their energies & ideas.

    Even in those areas that might be less popular to want to join in, if they still do exist after all this, I just can't see how they would be neglected to such low standards to the point of somehow greatly affecting the functionality of the whole System. Remember that we would have greater options in dealing with these issues, e.g. Technologies, Science, Values, Norms. I think by basic Probabilities and the Individual Human Disposition, there will Always be enough people willing to assist in All areas of Society in whatever that might be. Because I just don't believe that Everyone will Love to be a Doctor/Scientist in the same way I also don't believe that Everyone would spend most of their time in Leisure because believe it or not that type of life can get Boring as hell too.

    But some people do believe this is just a "natural state" of Human Beings because of what we are told about things like Laziness & Self-Interest today. But what an NLRBE Needs to be about is People's Freedoms in choosing how they Love to live. That's what's going to create the type of System that people Love to be part of and help in the way their personal Passions allow them to. And we can't believe that no two individuals are guided by the same passions in Life. We are Not Robots. We are Alive and just Need to be left alone to Live.
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