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Thread: Abby Martin treated "like a dog" @ DNC 2016

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    Abby Martin treated "like a dog" @ DNC 2016

    Journalist Abby Martin, who has participated in TZM and TVP events, was arrested for being dropped off at the wrong place by a taxi:

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    They messed with the wrong person. She's one of the Best Journalist out there speaking the Truth. Exposing the Real Criminal activity going on in the World that the Police are all too often a part of.
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    "Arrest disguised as Detainment" has been a police tactic used for 'controlling' people for many years. Welcome to the club Abby!!!! ...She is now in good company with many other's who have suffered similarly in the Land of the Free.....BUT I wonder why she was so surprised by the treatment received....based on the treatment received by the thousands who have preceded her??????

    Hopefully the experience inspires future reporting and ACTION instead of thwarting it.....Being locked up can have different effects upon different people.....but her heart is in the right place so we can wish her well....
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